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English Questions: Spelling Correction – 12

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Hello Aspirants !
Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Here we are Starting new quizzes based on the some difficult words from Editorials, which is BASED ON Bank EXAMS!!!

Directions – Choose the word wrongly spelt.

  1. From the time Albert Einstein proposed his general theory of relativity and existence of black holes, an unseeable frontier has captivated the human mind. Now that there is a photographic evidence, it makes it all the more real and facinating.
    1. unseeable
    2. captivated
    3. facinating
    4. proposed
    5. All are correct
    Answer –3. facinating
    Correct spelling is fascinating

  2. Coupled with the momentuous discovery of gravitational waves, generated by two black holes, in 2015 by LIGO, the black hole image of M87 is a testament to engineering skills. It will help to form international collaborations to pool the capabilities of disparate scientific instruments and perceive phenomena that cannot be comprehended by individuals.
    1. disparate
    2. testament
    3. capabilities
    4. momentuous
    5. All are correct
    Answer –4. momentuous
    Correct spelling is momentous

  3. The past year and a half has been an inflection point in cybersecurity with the battle against lack of awareness among busineses and the public sector largely being won, mainly following the two global ransomware attacks – Wannacry and Notpeya
    1. busineses
    2. inflection
    3. awareness
    4. cybersecurity
    5. All are correct
    Answer –1. busineses
    Correct spelling is businesses

  4. The treatment of tuberculosis is becoming more difficult as most patients don’t adhere to the treatment regimen which includes six to nine months of daily antibiotics. This also contributes to emergence of multi-drug resistant bacteria.
    1. resistant
    2. emergence
    3. regimen
    4. adhere
    5. All are correct
    Answer –5. All are correct
    All are correct

  5. For more than hundred years now, scientists and writers of science fiction alike have fosterred the illusion that someday humankind will have weapons so terrible that the fear of its impact will end war for all times.
    1. scientists
    2. terrible
    3. fosterred
    4. illusion
    5. All are correct
    Answer –3. fosterred
    Correct spelling is fostered

  6. Given the prohibitively expensive nature of space projects, India and other countries must utilise the increased presence in space to legitimately advance the well-being of their people. This is morally and pragmatically in keeping with India’s power projection.
    1. legitimately
    2. prohibitively
    3. pragmatically
    4. projection
    5. All are correct
    Answer –5. All are correct
    All are correct

  7. The rising popularity of air travel and space exploration are fuelling opportunities in the field of aerospace engineering. It is a challenging and covetted branch, that includes the design,construction,testing,and maintenance of air and space crafts.
    1. fuelling
    2. covetted
    3. popularity
    4. maintenance
    5. All are correct
    Answer –2. covetted
    Correct spelling is coveted

  8. Western education is more practical, application based and has more room for creativity. This approach, if woven into the Indian system, will make it unparaleled globally. Focus is needed on encouraging free thinking and creativity, coupled with experiential learning.
    1. unparaleled
    2. experiential
    3. coupled
    4. woven
    5. All are correct
    Answer –1. unparaleled
    Correct spelling is unparalleled

  9. Terrorism is a well-recognised form of asymetric warfare, and has been around for centuries. Some terror strikes tend to resonate more than others, for reasons that are inexplicable.
    1. asymetric
    2. terrorism
    3. inexplicable
    4. resonate
    5. All are correct
    Answer –1. asymetric
    Correct spelling is asymmetric

  10. Social media has produced a number of paper tigers who do not give any thought to the wider repercusions, especially a divide on the communal front, while forwarding undesirable messages. What is required is self-discipline and dissemination of information on a rational basis.
    1. dissemination
    2. rational
    3. communal
    4. repercusions
    5. All are correct
    Answer –4. repercusions
    Correct spelling is repercussions