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English Questions: Spelling Correction – 10

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Hello Aspirants !
Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Here we are Starting new quizzes based on the some difficult words from Editorials, which is BASED ON Bank EXAMS 2018 !!!

Directions – Choose the word wrongly spelt.

  1. The destiny of India is now being transformed in her classrooms. This, we believe is no mere rheteoric. In a world based on science and technology, it is education that determines the level of prosperity, welfare and security of the people.
    1. determines
    2. prosperity
    3. rheteoric
    4. transformed
    5. All are correct
    Answer –3. rheteoric
    Correct spelling is rhetoric

  2. Japan and India are fevorishly bridging gaps and repaving roads in the Indo-Pacific to establish a giant corridor. The gigantic effort will merge two parallel initiatives- the New Delhi led India-Myanmar-thailand trilateral highway and the East- West Economic corridor.
    1. gigantic
    2. fevorishly
    3. parallel
    4. repaving
    5. All are correct
    Answer –2. fevorishly
    Correct spelling is feverishly

  3. High wages with little accountability for actual service delivery make public sector agencies an obvious target for patronage hiring. It also results in massive over-staffing. We need privatisation of civic delivery services like cleaning of roads and drains.
    1. obvious
    2. accountability
    3. patronage
    4. over-staffing
    5. All are correct
    Answer – 5. All are correct
    All are correct

  4. To foster a culture of innovation, faculty must be open to exploring the unknown, making the environment conducive for interactions. The acaedemic environment cannot become conducive for innovation overnight.
    1. conducive
    2. innovation
    3. acaedemic
    4. foster
    5. All are correct
    Answer – 3. acaedemic
    Correct spelling is academic

  5. The key question is how to distinguish between a truly inquisitive reader and a propagandist who wants to undermine journalism and the public discourse. Journalists must realise that informed readers do not confuse objectivity with naieve neutrality.
    1. inquisitive
    2. propagandist
    3. undermine
    4. naieve
    5. All are correct
    Answer –4. naieve
    Correct spelling is naive

  6. More than 25 million voice assisstants globally, which are connected to the Internet of Things at home, face an increased risk of being hacked as cyber criminals are exploiting vulnerabilities present in them. Most devices have guessable passwords and insecure default settings.
    1. vulnerabilities
    2. exploiting
    3. assisstants
    4. guessable
    5. All are correct
    Answer –3. assisstants
    Correct spelling is assistants

  7. An author, a poet, an artist or any creative person seeks solitariness to contempelate upon his thoughts and ideas. Those who cherish the solitary state in their being will feel the energy of the whole in the entire cosmos.
    1. contempelate
    2. solitariness
    3. cosmos
    4. cherish
    5. All are correct
    Answer – 1. contempelate
    Correct spelling is contemplate

  8. We are born to succeed, not to fail. The dictum is true upto the hilt and edge. If we preserve in our endevours with the utmost tenacity and sincerity of purpose coupled with zeal and enthusiasm, success will certainly come.
    1. hilt
    2. dictum
    3. endevours
    4. tenacity
    5. All are correct
    Answer –3. endevours
    Correct spelling is endeavours

  9. The cold war was replete with instances of spy exchanges with or without the general public knowing about it. So, countries like US and Russia have also admitted openly that espionage is very much part of statecraft that all modern states engage in. to claim otherwise would be no less than laughable hypocrisy masquerading as pious platitudes.
    1. pious
    2. masquerading
    3. espionage
    4. replete
    5. All are correct
    Answer – 5. All are correct
    All are correct

  10. Punishments are meant to infuse fear in the person who commits a crime with a expectation that it will act as a deterent. But one needs to draw a line as far as having severe custodial punishment is concerned. The reasons and the circumstances under which a person may commit a crime have to be well-studied.
    1. expectation
    2. infuse
    3. deterent
    4. custodial
    5. All are correct
    Answer –3. deterent
    Correct spelling is deterrent