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English Questions: Fill in the Blanks Set 153 (New Pattern)

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Hello Aspirants.
Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Here we are creating question sample in Fill in the blanks, which is BASED ON Bank EXAMS 2018 !!!

Directions (Q.1-10): In the following questions, a paragraph is given with three blanks, followed by six words. You have to choose the most suitable combination of words among the five alternative options, that will fill the blank coherently, forming a grammatically correct and contextually meaningful paragraph. If none of the given combination is appropriate to fill the blank, mark option (e) i.e. “none of these” as your answer choice.

  1. The fear of insurgency in red terror hit districts is such that every year, the civil administration _________ its success based on how many more kilometres away from the headquarters its officials can go freely to ________ state schemes. Review and monitoring of programmes has taken a back seat. Many state welfare schemes are, in fact, carried out by NGOs like the Ramakrishna Mission Ashram that has been working__________ in the these regions for more than three decades.
    I. contrive
    II. arduously
    III. implement
    IV. connive
    V. assesses
    VI. joviality
    1. III, IV, II
    2. IV, I, II
    3. V, IV, II
    4. V, III, II
    5. None of these
    Answer – 4)
    Assess – evaluate or estimate the nature of something
    Implement – put (a decision, plan, agreement, etc.) into effect.
    Arduously – involving or requiring strenuous effort; difficult and tiring.

  2. The Madras High court in November _________ the government’s populist policy and so called ‘freebies’ governance which puts extreme pressure on State finances. It is a _______ that the judiciary has to step in to counsel reforms in governance. While giving ________ to the poor people is appreciable, offering groceries to all cardholders is preposterous.
    I. succour
    II. pilfer
    III. lambasted
    IV. help
    V. harangue
    VI. pity
    1. II, I, VI
    2. III, VI, I
    3. VI, I, IV
    4. I, IV, V
    5. None of these
    Answer – 2)
    Lambasted – criticize (someone or something) harshly
    Pity – a cause for regret or disappointment.
    Succour – assistance and support in times of hardship and distress.

  3. The diligence with which Mary Kom has __________ the sports and excelled at the world stage is extremely inspiring. At 35 years of age, with five world titles already in the bag, she ________ the talk against her opponent in front of the packed stadium and increased her tally to an all time _________ record of six world championships.
    I. historical
    II. prodigious
    III. walked
    IV. pursued
    V. spectacularly
    1. III, V, IV
    2. II, I, V
    3. IV, III, I
    4. II, I, IV
    5. None of these
    Answer – 3)
    Pursued – continue or proceed along (a path or route)
    Walk the talk – (phrase) To do what one said one could do, or would do

  4. According to the scientists from the IIT Madras in collaboration with researchers from Purdue University,US ; the devastation _______ by Kerala floods could not be attributed to the release of water from dams. It was the _______ volumes of rainfall Kerala received which was 42 percent above the normal and 100 percent above in Idukki that caused the ________.
    I. torrential
    II. relentless
    III. travailed
    IV. wrought
    V. inundation
    VI. swamp
    1. III, II, VI
    2. IV, I, V
    3. I, IV, VI
    4. II, VI, IV
    5. None of these
    Answer – 2)
    Wrought – caused to happen
    Torrential – (of rain) falling rapidly and in copious quantities
    Inundation – flooding

  5. Due to short-sighted policies the entire Kashmiri population has now become ________. However, development can bring the positive ________change in many of those problems. For instance, with goods jobs and school’s children and youth would focus on study and work. Similarly, development will reduce _________ among the people out there, who see themselves as pawns who have been sandwiched between Indian and Pakistan bilateral issues.
    I. impetus
    II. resentment
    III. alienated
    IV. steadfast
    V. ferociously
    VI. catalytic
    1. V, I, IV
    2. III, II, VI
    3. V, III, I
    4. III, VI, II
    5. None of these
    Answer – 4)
    Alienated – make (someone) feel isolated or estranged.
    Catalytic – something which increases the speed of any process
    Resentment – bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly.

  6. Given our _______legal system, sale and realisation of confiscated assets is more easier said than done. Already in cases where banks have received court verdicts for disposal of assets, realisation by sale has been _________. Also, a look at the huge stockpile of assets seized by law-enforcing agencies convinces one about the ________of confiscating assets.
    I. incommodious
    II. jejune
    III. futility
    IV. cumbersome
    V. insipid
    VI. tardy
    1. VI, IV, III
    2. II, I, V
    3. V, VI, II
    4. I, II, V
    5. None of these
    Answer – 1)
    Tardy – slow in action or response; sluggish.
    Cumbersome – slow or complicated and therefore inefficient.
    Futility – pointlessness or uselessness.

  7. It is a _______task to enforce economic discipline in a highly corrupt and unscrupulous nation who are habitual of __________rules and bribing for the easy way-out, of all situations in life. However with the correct and progressive reforms, the system can be ________.
    I. circumventing
    II. formidable
    III. revamped
    IV. herculean
    V. rejig
    1. II, V, III
    2. IV, I, II
    3. IV, I, III
    4. V, IV, II
    5. None of these
    Answer – 3)
    Herculean – requiring great strength or effort.
    Circumventing – overcome (a problem or difficulty) in a clever and surreptitious way.
    Revamped – give new and improved form, structure, or appearance to.

  8. The ________ docket burden that weighs down the judiciary is not because of its __________judicial processes alone, as it is often made out. The chronic shortage of judges and severe understaffing of the courts they _______over are significant reasons.
    I. mushrooming
    II. preside
    III. exuding
    IV. burgeoning
    V. waddle
    VI. lumbering
    1. V, VI, I
    2. IV, VI, II
    3. III, V, I
    4. II, IV, III
    5. None of these
    Answer – 2)
    Burgeoning – begin to grow or increase rapidly; flourish.
    Lumbering – move in a slow, heavy, awkward way.
    Preside – be in the position of authority in a meeting or other gathering.

  9. The Supreme Court has _________diminished the possibility of a final verdict before the next Lok Sabha election. The _________is both welcome and necessary, as it pushes back the prospect of any judgment in the run-up to the polls. It hardly needs ___________that regardless of which way it goes, any verdict would polarise the nation.
    I. subpoena
    II. adjournment
    III. righteousness
    IV. judiciously
    V. reiteration
    VI. declamation
    1. III, I, V
    2. IV, I, II
    3. V, III, IV
    4. IV, II, V
    5. None of these
    Answer – 4)
    Judiciously – with good judgement or sense.
    Adjournment – an act or period of adjourning or being postponement
    Reiteration – the action of repeating something, typically for emphasis or clarity.

  10. In the ________of the entirely preventable carnage, in which spectators crowding a railway track to watch burning of effigies were mowed down by a train, there is a _______effort to pin responsibility on agencies and individuals, and, deplorably, to _________public anger for political ends.
    I. exploit
    II. distraught
    III. frantic
    IV. aftermath
    V. pervade
    VI. harness
    1. II, V, VI
    2. VI, III, IV
    3. IV, III, I
    4. IV, II, V
    5. None of these
    Answer – 3)
    Aftermath – the consequences or after-effects of a significant unpleasant event.
    Frantic – conducted in a hurried, excited, and disorganized way.
    Exploit – make full use of and derive benefit from (a resource).