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English Questions: Fill in the Blanks Set – 14

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Here we are creating question sample in Fill in the Blanks, which is common for all the IBPS/SBI/RRB/SSC CGL/LIC/LDC exam and other competitive exams. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in bank exams !!!


  1. Sirisena has indicated on the day of_________to office that his maiden foreign visit would be to India.
    A. declension
    B.  ascension
    C. decline
    D. descendancy
    B.  ascension 

  2. India had to struggle hard to maintain a balance between its domestic political________and international obligations.
    A.  exigents
    B. expedients
    C. compulsions
    D. necessary
    C. compulsions

  3. Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa overnight_________into a national hero and a cult figure.
    A.  transformed
    B. changed
    C. urged
    D. requested
    A.  transformed

  4. Rajapaksa decided to use this_________political climate to advance the Presidential elections.
    A. lucky
    B. Golden
    C.  favourable
    D. Indulgent
    C.  favourable

  5. Fresh from the success in the war against LTTE, Rajapaksa earned a_________victory over his rival Gen.
    A. requesting
    B. permitting
    C. concerned
    D.  convincing
    D.  convincing

  6. Interestingly he also secured a favourable judgment from the country’s Supreme Court to begin his Presidential_________as per schedule in November 2010.
    A. tenure
    B. works
    C. grasp
    D. occupation
    A.  tenure

  7. Had he won the elections he would have started his third term in November 2016 and________as the President till November 2022.
    A. increased
    B. programmed
    C.  continued
    D. regular

  8. But the run up to the elections in January 2015 saw many dramatic__________in the country’s politics.
    A. increments
    B. innovations
    C. developments
    D. changes
    C. developments 

  9. According to one estimate almost ¾th of the national_________will be consumed in debt servicing.
    A. income
    B.  revenue
    C. progress
    D. development
    B.  revenue 

  10. The new government has________to usher in major constitutional changes in the first 100 days and then go for fresh elections to the Parliament.
    A. commitment
    B. conformed
    C. ensured
    D. promised
    D.  promised