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English Questions: Antonyms – 7

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Welcome to Online English in Here we are creating question sample in Antonyms, which is common for the SSC CGL & Some other SSC exams. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in exams !!!


  1. detain is most opposite to
    A. release
    B. silence
    C. forget
    D. prosper
    A. release
    to detain means to hold or keep back; to release means to let go

  2. famous is most opposite to
    A. boring
    B. poor
    C. obscure
    D. untalented
    C. obscure
    famous means widely known; obscure means little known

  3. colossal is most opposite to
    A. easy
    B. tiny
    C. graceful
    D. roof
    B. tiny
    colossal means incredibly large, therefore tiny is the opposite

  4. fluid is most opposite to
    A. solid
    B. liquid
    C. afraid
    D. decent
    A. solid
    a fluid is a substance that flows; a solid does not flow

  5. continue is most opposite to
    A. curve
    B. argue
    C. carry
    D. pause
    D. pause
    to continue means to act without interruption; to pause means to stop temporarily

  6. labor is most opposite to
    A. amuse
    B. cat
    C. rest
    D. strive
    C. rest
    to labor means to work; to rest means to cease working

  7. brawny is most opposite to
    A. swift
    B. weak
    C. strong
    D. pale
    B. weak
    brawny means muscled or strong, therefore weak is the opposite

  8. fickle is most opposite to
    A. steady
    B. kind
    C. please
    D. finagle
    A. steady
    fickle means to lack steadiness, therefore steady is the opposite

  9. inept is most opposite to
    A. clumsy
    B. infer
    C. competent
    D. foolish
    C. competent
    inept means to lack competence, therefore competent is the opposite

  10. pivotal is most opposite to
    A. turning
    B. wavy
    C. unimportant
    D. clear
    C. unimportant
    pivotal means very important, or crucial, therefore unimportant is the opposite