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English Questions: Cloze Test Set – 22

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Here we are creating question sample in Cloze test, which is common for all the IBPS,SBI,RRB,LIC,SSC CGL,LDC exam and other competitive exams. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in bank exams !!!

It’s status quo for the Aadhaar scheme, as the Supreme Court..(1).. to confine its applications to the public..(2).. scheme and the LPG and kerosene subsidies. Earlier, it had decided that a larger constitutional bench would decide on the question of..(3)..privacy was a fundamental right. Aadhaar’s fate rests on that decision too.
The Centre, along with a host of institutions including the Sebi, RBI, LIC, Trai, and income tax department had..(4).....(5)..for the restriction to be ,..(6)..that the biometric ID system was the more precise way to get social entitlements across, and that it was a purely voluntary..(7)… Since its inception, the unique ID plan has faced resistance from several quarters..(8)..privacy activists who claim that the poor should not have to forego their right to privacy in order to access welfare benefits that they need..(9) the UPA as the enabling architecture for all social..(10).., the scheme had been forced to roll out as an executive order, and finally, the Supreme Court had declared that it could not be mandatory.

  1. A. continued
    B. regression
    C. stagnation
    D. rapid
    A. continued

  2. A. gathering
    B. hoard
    C. hoarding
    D. distribution
    D. distribution

  3. A. whoever
    B. whichever
    C. whether
    D. whatever
    C. whether

  4. A. Wrangled
    B. contented
    C. repulse
    D. appealed
    D. appealed

  5. A. Answering
    B. claiming
    C. denying
    D. inquiring
    B. claiming

  6. A. lifted
    B. abstained
    C. refuse
    D. renounce
    A. lifted

  7. A. rejection
    B. refusal
    C. transaction
    D. denial
    C. transaction

  8. A. unfeasibility
    B. chiefly
    C. impossibility
    D. impossible
    B. chiefly

  9. A. Conceived
    B. misread
    C. confound
    D. confused
    A. Conceived

  10. A. forget
    B. ignore
    C. neglect
    D. provisions
    D. provisions