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English Grammar : Prepositions Part – 2

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Welcome to Online English in We are providing English Grammar Which is very Important Part of English Language, here we will discuss about Prepositions, Which is very important for all Competitive Exams!!!

English Grammar : Prepositions Part – 1

There are several hundreds prepositions in the English Language,We are providing you With Examples some of them which is very important for upcoming IBPS PO/SBI PO Exams.

  1. According to –
    Ex – How could you cite a source without “according to”?
  2. Across –
    Ex – Guess you can’t sit across from anyone at Thanksgiving dinner
  3. Ahead of –
    Ex – No one will ever again be ahead of their time without the preposition ahead.
  4. Along –
    Ex – You need along to signify that you are going along for the side
  5. Alongside –
    Ex – You also need alongside to describe where you are, alongside your best friend.
  6. Among –
    Ex – The preposition among allows you to be among friends.
  7. Around –
    Ex – Around is a pretty important preposition if you are around town.
  8. As –
    Ex – As long as prepositions exist, sentences make sense.
  9. as far as –
    Ex – As far as we’re concerned, as is a pretty important preposition
  10. as well as-
    Ex- Knowing prepositions as well as their meanings is important.
  11. Before-
    Ex- Mind before matter is the key to learning prepositions such as before.
  12. Behind-
    Ex- Falling behind on your prepositions, such as behind, would be bad.
  13. Below-
    Ex- There are prepositions above and below the preposition below.
  14. Between-
    Ex- No more secrets between you and me without the preposition between.
  15. Considering-
    Ex- Considering all these great prepositions, wouldn’t you be sad if you didn’t have this list
  16. Following –
    Ex- Following right along with our pattern, following is the next preposition on the list.
  17. For-
    Ex- If it weren’t for the preposition for it would be hard for you to talk.
  18. From-
    Ex- Prepositions such as from are far from unimportant
  19. In addition to-
    Ex- In addition to is a lovely addition to the preposition list.
  20. In case of-
    Ex- In case of emergency, you can always use a preposition to get help.
  21. Inside –
    Ex- Now you have the inside track on prepositions!
  22. Into –
    Ex – Without the preposition into, you couldn’t get into trouble.
  23. Off-
    Ex – The name of a popular bug spray, Off! Is also a great preposition.
  24. on behalf of –
    Ex- On behalf of English speaker’s everywhere, we say that prepositions are great.
  25. on top of –
    Ex- On top of all the other wonderful prepositions, we also have ‘on top of’
  26. onto –
    Ex- Onto the next preposition, which is onto.
  27. outside of –
    Ex- You could also never color outside of the lines.
  28. Over –
    Ex- The preposition over is required to think things over.
  29. owing to –
    Ex – Owing to prepositions, we are able to communicate.
  30. prior to –
    Ex – Prior to learning prepositions, such as prior to, communicate was way less fun.
  31. Regarding –
    Ex – Movies such as Regarding Henry take advantage of the preposition regarding.
  32. Round –
    Ex – Without a preposition, such as round, you couldn’t go round the town.
  33. Since –
    Ex – Since you asked, since is also a preposition
  34. Through –
    Ex – When Alice went through the looking glass, she used a preposition.
  35. Throughout –
    Ex- Throughout history, the preposition throughout has been used.
  36. To –
    Ex- Without “to,” Shakespeare could not have asked his famous question- to be or not to be.
  37. Until –
    Ex- Until you read his list, you may not have known that until was a preposition.
  38. Up –
    Ex- Up up and away is a cry you couldn’t say without prepositions.
  39. With –
    Ex- With or without your consent, prepositions will keep on directing sentences.
  40. Within –
    Ex- Within the confines of many sentences, you are likely to find the preposition within.
  41. Without –
    Ex- Without the preposition without, you’d be without a clue.