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English Grammar – Prepositions Part 1

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Welcome to Online English in We are providing English Grammar Which is very Important Part of English Language, here we will discuss about Prepositions, Which is very important for all Competitive Exams!!!

Many prepositions are used idiomatically with certain verbs and Phrasal Verbs, most commonly prepositions provide information about the relationship of a noun or pronoun to another part of the sentence in which the prepositions appear.
Pre + Position = preposition

1. Prepositions of Location: At, In, On

1) At – Located at a specific place

– Rahul studied at the library all day.
– I left my homework at home.
– She arrived at the party early.

2) In – Located within boundaries (enclosed)

– The fans are in the stadium.
– There are ostriches in that field!
– We live in Mumbai.

3) On – Located on a surface (not enclosed)

– I left my homework on the kitchen table.
– Soccer players practice on the field. (not enclosed)
– Cowboys live out on the range.

Prepositions of Time : In, On, At, By

1) YEAR: In

– I was born in 1990.

2) MONTH: In

– The wedding will be in January.

3) WEEK: In

– We are in the sixth week of the semester.

4) DAY: On

– The party is on Friday.

5) HOUR: At

– Arrive at 3 p.m

Prepositions of Direction: To, Into, Onto

1) To – Moving toward a specific place:

– We are moving to Chicago next month.
– Janice flew from Los Angeles to Mexico City.
– She walks to school.

2) Into – Moving to the inside of an enclosed space:

“In” and “into” can be used interchangeably with some verbs, and still keep the meaning of the sentence the same:

– The dog jumped into the pond.
– The dog jumped in the pond.

“in” and “into” have distinct meanings

– Rosa poured the water into the cup. (action)
– There is water in the cup. (position)

3) Onto – Moving toward a surface

“On” and “onto” can often be used interchangeably and still keep the meaning of the sentence the same

– The book fell onto the floor.
– The book fell on the floor.