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English Grammar : Active passive voice rules part – 1

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Welcome to Online English in We are providing English Grammar Which is very Important in English Language, we are providing you Active passive voice , Which are very important for all Competitive Exams!!!


Definitionvoice refers to the form of the verb that indicates whether the doer of an action is the subject or object in a sentence.

John (subject, doer or agent of the action) ate an apple (object, doer or agent of the action)

There are two type of voice-

  1. Active voice
  2. Passive voice

Active voice In active voice a sentence begins with a subject (They, The teacher).

Example – They will do the work.

Passive voiceIn passive voice a sentence begins with an object (The work) .

Example – The work will be done by them.

Formation of passive voice

1) The object in the active becomes the subject in the passive.

2) The subject of the active is expressed as by+ agent.

3) The active verb becomes be+ past participle (3rd form of the verb)

4) To be forms (is, am, are, was, were, be, been, being) are used.

How to make a Passive Voice

Rule no.Active Passive
1.Present Simple

V1st s/es


Is/am/are +V3rd

 She likes butter.Butter is liked by her.
 I like apples.Apples are liked by me.
2.Present continuous

is/ am/ are+ V ing form


Is/ am/ are + being + V3rd

 He is not sweeping the floor.The floor is not being swept by him.
 They were carrying the injured player off the field.The injured player was being carried off the field.
3.Present perfect

Has/ have + V3rd


Has/ have been + V3rd

 The have played cricket.Cricket has been played by them.
 People have seen wolves in the streets.Wolves have been seen in the streets.
4.Past simple



Was/ were + V3rd

 The teacher taught me to speak English.I was taught to speak English by the teacher.
 They killed a terrorist yesterday.A terrorist was killed by them yesterday.
5.Past continuous

Was/were +V ing form


Was/ were +being +V3rd

 The peon was ringing the bell.The bell was being rung by the peon.
 They were playing cricket.Cricket was being played by them.
6.Past perfect

Had + V3rd


Had +been + V3rd

 He had stolen my toys.My toys had been stolen by him.
 She had eaten fruits.Fruits had been eaten by her.
7.Future simple

Will/ shall + V1st


Will/ shall +be+ V3rd

People will help him.He will be helped.
 He will like books.Book will be liked by him.
8.Future perfect

Will/shall+ have+ V3rd


Will/ shall + have + been + V3rd

 She will have written an application.An application have been written by her.
 He will have invited me.I shall have been invited by him.

Modal (can, could, may, might, shall, should, will, would, must, ought to, used to) + V1st


Modal +be + V3rd

 He may attend the class.The class may be attended by him.
 The girl would write a book.A book would be written by the girl.

Modal + have + V3rd


Modal + have +been +V3rd

 We ought to have loved our parents.Our parents ought to have been loved.
 I should have helped him.He should have been helped.


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