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English Grammar : Active passive voice rules part – 2

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Welcome to Online English in We are providing English Grammar Which is very Important in English Language, we are providing you Active passive voice , Which are very important for all Competitive Exams!!!

Active passive voice rules part – 1

11.Ditransitive (verb with two object) 
 I gave him a book.A book is given to him by me.


He is given a book by me.


 The manager will give you a ticket.A ticket will be given to you by the manager.


You will be given a ticket by the manager.


12.With object compliment 
 They made him their king.He was made their king.


 They named her Jessica.She was named Jessica.
13.Static verbs- verbs that shows state of mind or feeling, not the action

Subject+ verb+ object prepositions other than by

 These people know him well.He is well known to these people.
 The book has greatly interested me.I have been greatly interested in the book.


14.Infinitive simple (to+V1st ) is/am/are/was/were+ infinitive (to+be+V3rd)
 I was to help him.He was to be helped.
 We are to help him.He is to be helped.
15.Bare infinitiveFull infinitive
 They made me laugh.I was made to laugh.
 We saw the camel cross the road.The camel was seen to cross the road.
 But let does not take a full infinitive even in the passive voice 
 We let him go.He was let go.




16.Verb+ object+ bare infinitiveBe+ V3rd+full infinitive
 I saw her sing a song.She was seen to sing a song.


 I found him cross the road.He was found to cross the road.




17.There is/are etc. + subject+ infinitive There is/are etc.+ subject+ to+ be+ V3rd
 There is nothing to gain.


There is nothing to be gained.
 There is no money to waste.There is no money to be wasted.






18.It is time + infinitiveIt is time+ for+ S(receiver)+ to+ be+ V3rd
 It is time to learn French.It is time for French to be learnt.


 It is now time to play cricket.It is now time for cricket to be played.




19.Imperative : order/commandLet+ object+ be+ V3rd
 Close all the gates at once.Let all the gates be closed at once.


 Give the order to open fire.Let the order to open fire be given.




20.Imperative: adviceShould/must+ be+ V3rd
 Take medicine on time.Medicine should be taken on time.


 Love your country.Your country should be loved.




Imperative request(with please/kindly) 
 Please give me some more time.You are requested to give me some more time.


I may please be given some more time.


Some more time may please be given to me.


 Kindly grant me a week’s leave.


You are requested to grant me a week’s leave.


I may kindly be granted a week’s leave.


A week’s leave may kindly be granted to me.



22.Imperative Let

Let+ indirect object+ V1st+ direct object

Let+ direct object+ be+ V3rd+ by+ indirect object
 Let her sing a song.Let a song be sung by her.
 Let me discuss the matter.Let the matter be discussed.