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English Grammar : Active passive voice rules part – 3

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Welcome to Online English in We are providing English Grammar Which is very Important in English Language, we are providing you Active passive voice , Which are very important for all Competitive Exams!!!

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23.Imperative suggestion 
 Let us play together.It is suggested that we should play together.


 Let us work.It is suggested that we should work.


24.Imperative intransitive (order, advice) 
 Come here.You are advised to come here.
 Work hard.You are advised to work hard.


25.Imperative: indirect speech command / request 
 I requested them not to make noise.They were requested not to make noise.
 He advised me to take some exercise.I was advised to take some exercise.
26.Negative Imperative  
 Do not tell a lie.Let a lie not be told.


Let not a lie be told.


 Do not beat the child.Let the child not be beaten.


Let not the child be beaten.


27.Interrogative: indirect questions (yes/no) 
 Did the solve the problem?Was the problem solved?
 Was the doctor examining the patients?Were the patients being examined by the doctor?
28.Direct questions with object 
 How was he doing it?How was it being done by him?
 Why do people speak English everywhere?Why is English spoken everywhere?
29.Direct question without object  
 Whom have you helped?Who has been helped by you?
 What has he done?What has been done by him?
30.Question in indirect speech 
 I asked Jennifer if she was ill.Jennifer was asked if she was ill.
 He asked me when I would return.I was asked when I would return.
31.Like/ love/ want/ wish +object + to + V1stLike/ love/ want/ wish + object (passive) + to+ be+ V3rd
 I like audience to respect me.I like to be respected.
 He wants someone to take photographs.He wants photographs to be taken.


Nobody/ No one as the subject 
 Nobody can repair this broken vase.This broken vase cannot be repaired.
 No one can believe a habitual liar.A habitual liar cannot be believed.
33.Complex sentences

Principal clause+ that+ noun clause (object)

Verbs- believe, find, claim, consider, know, report, say, think.
 People consider that he is wise.He is considered wise. / He is considered to be wise.


It is considered that he is wise.


 Everyone thinks that the education system is bad.The education system is thought to be bad.


It is thought that the education system is bad.


34.Quasi-passive verbs/ Middle voiceThere are some transitive verbs which, even in an active form, are sometimes used in a passive sense.
 Verb+ Adjective 
 The flower smells sweet.The flower is sweet when it is smelt.
 Those mangoes tasted sour.Those mangoes were sour when they tasted.