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DST launched ‘Year of Awareness on Science & Health (YASH)’on health & risk communication focusing COVID-19

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On April 30, 2020, National Council for Science & Technology Communication (NCSTC), Department of Science & Technology (DST) has initiated a programme on health and risk communication focusing on COVID-19 titled “Year of Awareness on Science & Health (YASH)”. Its aim is to convey authentic best practices to the general public to minimize the risk of transmission of virus at all levels, in the absence of vaccines and cure for COVID-19.Year of Awareness on Science & Health (YASH)’

  • This programme will provide scientific awareness and health preparedness to combat the pandemic scenario like COVID-19 outbreak which has posed concerns and challenges around the globe.

How YASH works?

-The programme consists of conveying the authentic scientific information to various cross-sections of the Indian society to overcome the pandemic situation which includes development of science, health, and risk communication software, publications, audio-visual, digital platforms, folk performances, trained communicators, especially in regional languages.

-It also includes information dissemination mechanisms to reduce the fear of risks and build confidence with necessary understanding for adopting sustainable healthy lifestyles and nurturing scientific culture.

-This programme will provide clarity on the misperceptions, misbeliefs by introducing practices based on authentic knowledge duly verified by scientific processes.

-This will also involve academic, research, media, and voluntary organizations to facilitate necessary actions and emergency preparedness of society to address the challenge.

About DST:
Parent Ministry– Ministry of Science and Technology
Secretary– Professor Ashutosh Sharma

About NCSTC:
Established in 1982 under DST, NCSTC is a scientific programme of the Government of India for the popularisation of science, dissemination of scientific knowledge and inculcation of scientific temper.