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Denmark researcher discovers new species of fungus ‘Troglomyces Twitteri’ on Twitter

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A new species Troglomyces twitteriOn May 17, 2020, Ana Sofia Reboleira, a biologist from the University of Copenhagen’s Natural History Museum of Denmark, has discovered a new species of a parasitic fungus ‘Troglomyces Twitteri’ by using a image of North American millipede (Cambala annulata) circulating on social media platform Twitter.

Key Points:


  • The image had been posted back in the year 2018 by entomologist Derek Hennen, now a doctoral student at Virginia Tech, who was sending millipede photos from US state Ohio to people for voting purpose.
  • Reboleira then discovered several specimens of the same fungus on a few of the American millipedes in the Natural History Museum’s stock of collection – fungi that previously undocumented.

ii.About Troglomyces Twitteri: It has few tiny dots near its head that look like tiny larvae. It belongs to an order called Laboulbeniales (means an order of Fungi that attack insects and millipedes). These fungi live on the outside of host organisms; here, on the reproductive organs of millipedes.

iii.The findings of the study were published in the journal MycoKeys.