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Current Affairs Quiz : October 15 2017

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AffairsCloud brings you the complete and important daily current affairs October 15 Quiz 2017 to achieve more marks in Banking , Insurance, UPSC, SSC, CLAT , Railway  and all other competitive Exams. We have prepared the current affairs quiz from our current affairs today updates.

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  1. Amin village in Kurukshetra district of Haryana is renamed as ________.
    1. Abinampur
    2. Alkotpur
    3. Abhimanyupur
    4. Surja
    5. Jalkheri
    Answer 3. Abhimanyupur
    Explanation Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar gave approval to rename Amin village in Kurukshetra district to Abhimanyupur.
    Abhimanyu, the son of Arjuna, was a warrior prince in Mahabharata. Amin village is believed by the locals as the site on which Kauravas had resorted to ‘Chakravyuh’ formation as a part of war strategy. Abhimanyu was trapped in this ‘Chakravyuh’, but fought bravely till his last breath. Abhimanyupur would be included in the second phase of Krishna Circuit under Central Government’s Swadesh Darshan Scheme.

  2. Which committee was appointed to examine the operational preparedness of the armed forces?
    1. Committee on Estimates
    2. Committee on Public Undertakings
    3. Committee on Public Accounts
    4. Committee on Defence
    5. Rules Committee
    Answer 4. Committee on Defence
    Explanation A Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence, headed by BJP MP B C Khanduri will examine the operational preparedness of the armed forces. Next meeting of this committee is scheduled to be held in November 2017. The committee will also discuss measures to revamp training for defence personnel in the light of latest technological advancements.

  3. Which High Court directed the Telengana government not to grant licence, to establish liquor retail outlets in the scheduled areas without the resolution of the gramsabha?
    1. The Hyderabad High Court
    2. The Madras High Court
    3. The Bombay High Court
    4. The Chattisgarh High Court
    5. The Delhi High Court
    Answer 1. The Hyderabad High Court
    Explanation The Hyderabad High Court directed the Telengana government not to grant licence, to establish liquor retail outlets in the scheduled areas without the resolution of the gramsabha. A division bench consisting of Chief Justice Ramesh Ranganathan and Justice M. Ganga Rao gave the direction when disposing an appeal by Podem Ratnam challenging an order of a single judge.

  4. Which State’s assembly has become first in India to call attention and adjournment motions and proposals online from legislators?
    1. Rajasthan
    2. Maharashtra
    3. TamilNadu
    4. Kerala
    5. Telengana
    Answer 1. Rajasthan
    Explanation Rajasthan State assembly has become the first in India to call attention and adjournment motions and proposals online from legislators. The new online system was inaugurated by Rajasthan Assembly Speaker Speaker Kailash Meghwal by sending a call for an attention motion to the state government with a click of mouse. Besides saving time, labour and use of paper in the functioning of the assembly, the online system will also help legislators in bringing attention to urgent public issues.

  5. Which country imposed emergency after bomb blasts in two churches which killed around 45 people?
    1. Pakistan
    2. Egypt
    3. Singapore
    4. Syria
    5. Cuba
    Answer 2. Egypt
    Explanation Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi extended the countrywide state of emergency for an additional three months.
    State of Emergency was first imposed in Egypt in April 2017 after bomb blasts in two churches which killed 45 people.
    Emergency imposed in April 2017 was then extended in July 2017 for another three months.

  6. Which country has the world’s first ‘negative emissions’ power plant?
    1. Ireland
    2. Finland
    3. Scotland
    4. Sweden
    5. Iceland
    Answer 5. Iceland
    Explanation The world’s first ‘negative emissions’ power plant started operating in Iceland.
    The term negative emission in this context indicates that the power plant eliminates more carbon dioxide (CO2) than it produces. This feat has been accomplished by a climate-startup named Climeworks by refitting a geothermal plant in Iceland.

  7. Which country gifted Pakistan its first Metro Train?
    1. Japan
    2. Russia
    3. China
    4. USA
    5. India
    Answer 3. China
    Explanation The first metro train to Pakistan has arrived from China as a gift to the country and rolled into Lahore and it is set to be launched in December 2017.
    This metro train service is Called as “The Orange Line Metro Train service”, and this is the Pakistan’s first mass transit system. It’s fully automated and driverless system.

  8. Which bank launched an Android app named, ‘Union Sahyog’, as a part of its efforts to digitise customer-facing banking services?
    1. United bank of India
    2. Federal bank
    3. HDFC bank
    4. IDBI bank
    5. Union Bank of India
    Answer 5. Union Bank of India
    Explanation The Union Sahyog app was launched by RajKiran Rai G, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Union Bank of India. This App is bilingual, offered in both English and Hindi. The Union Sahyog App consists of: all mobile-based banking applications, missed call/SMS-based services, Internet banking login and self-user creation, deposit and loan product information, online account opening, online loan application, online complaints, RTI (Right To Information), branch locator, EMI calculator, social media links and digital banking information.

  9. Which is the first country in the world to accept Bitcoin in exchange for citizenship?
    1. Chile
    2. Fiji
    3. New Zealand
    4. Vanuatu
    5. Nairu
    Answer 4. Vanuatu
    Explanation South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu has become the first country in the world to accept Bitcoin in exchange for citizenship. Currently, the citizenship programme of Vanuatu costs USD 200000. With Bitcoin price hovering around USD 6000, Vanuatu citizenship can be availed at a price of nearly 35 Bitcoins. However, in addition to the payment in Bitcoin, the grant of citizenship will be subject to routine due diligence and probity checks.

  10. How many airports in India are managed by the Airports Authority of India (AAI)?
    1. 125
    2. 150
    3. 175
    4. 100
    5. 122
    Answer 1. 125
    Explanation Totally 125 airports are managed by AAI, which includes 18 International airports, 7 customs airport, 78 domestic airports and 26 civil enclaves at military airfields.

  11. Which restaurant in New Delhi featured among the top 10 best restaurants in Asia Travellers’ Choice in TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice awards 2017?
    1. Indian Accent restaurant
    2. Tamra
    3. Zaffran
    4. Al Jawahar
    5. Oh! Calcutta
    Answer 1. Indian Accent restaurant
    Explanation Indian Accent restaurant in New Delhi featured among the top 10 best restaurants in Asia Travellers’ Choice in TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice awards 2017. Indian Accent has secured the second position among the top 10 restaurants in Asia in TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice awards 2017. Indian Accent is known for introducing innovative cuisine by involving Indian flavours with global ingredients and techniques.

  12. Which singer won 30th Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration for the year 2015 and 2016?
    1. Sonu Nigam
    2. T M Krishna
    3. Asha Bhosle
    4. Bala Krishnan
    5. Kumar Sanu
    Answer 2. T M Krishna
    Explanation Singer T M Krishna has won 30th Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration for the year 2015 and 2016. He has been awarded for promoting and preserving national integration in the country. He will be conferred the award on October 31, 2017 (Indira Gandhi’s Death Anniversary) by Congress President Sonia Gandhi. Krishna is a pre-eminent vocalist in the Carnatic tradition of Indian classical music and has been an activist who has worked to break down caste-barriers in the society.

  13. Who has been awarded the ‘best performer’ subtitle at the ‘Little Miss World 2017’ pageant held in Greece?
    1. Poorvi G B
    2. Adriana Kriel
    3. Daniela
    4. Idiko Bartolovics
    5. Alemer
    Answer 1. Poorvi G B
    Explanation 12-year old Indian girl Poorvi G B has been awarded the ‘best performer’ subtitle at the ‘Little Miss World 2017’ pageant held in Greece.
    With this award, Poorvi G B has become the first Indian kid to win the title in the international beauty pageant and talent competition. At the event, Poorvi G B gave a Kathak dance performance and also showcased the rich culture of Karnataka in the national costume round by dressing up as a Hoyasala sculpture.

  14. Who is the chairman of Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC)?
    1. Chief Minister of Delhi
    2. President
    3. CSO
    4. Prime Minister
    5. Judge of Supreme Court
    Answer 4. Prime Minister
    Explanation ACC decides appointments to various top posts under the Government of India and its chairman is Prime minister Mr.Narendra Modi.

  15. Who are the Two more Top Executives resigned from Infosys?
    1. Roopa Kudva & Ravi Venkatesan
    2. Kian Mazumdar-Shaw & D N Prahlad
    3. D N Prahlad & Pervinder Johar
    4. D Sundaram & Abdul Razack
    5. Abdul Razack & Pervinder Johar
    Answer 5. Abdul Razack & Pervinder Johar
    Explanation A top executive at Infosys Ltd’s products,Abdul Razack, senior vice-president, and Pervinder Johar, CEO of Edge Verve, the wholly owned products and platforms subsidiary, have resigned from Infosys. This is the fourth senior-level exit in last 40 days.
    Abdul Razack was among the executives who had quit SAP to join Infosys.
    Johar has resigned less than eight months of joining the company . He came to EdgeVerve from Steelwedge Software, where he served as the president and CEO.

  16. Who becomes the first Bangladeshi to be inducted in MCC World Cricket Committee?
    1. Ganguly
    2. Shakib Al Hasan
    3. Mashrafe Mortaza
    4. Tamim Iqbal
    5. Sabbir Rahman
    Answer 2. Shakib Al Hasan
    Explanation All-rounder Shakib Al Hasan became the first cricketer from Bangladesh to be inducted in the MCC World Cricket Committee. He is regarded as one of Bangladesh’s finest players. He has played 51 Test matches and 177 one-day internationals. He is 30 years old. He also has vast global experience of domestic cricket, particularly in the T20 format. The committee has also included Suzie Bates, Ian Bishop and Kumar Dharmasena.

  17. Whom did Maria Sharapova of Russia defeat to win Tianjin Open tennis tournament?
    1. Angelina Kerber of Germany
    2. Johanna Konta of Germany
    3. Aryna Sabalenka of Belarus
    4. Simona Haelp of Romania
    5. Elina Svitolina of Ukraine
    Answer 3. Aryna Sabalenka of Belarus
    Explanation Maria Sharapova of Russia beat Aryna Sabalenka of Belarusby 7-5 7-6 (10-8) in the final match of Tianjin Open tennis tournament. The match against Aryna Sabalenka was hotly contested. Sharapova broke Sabalenka’s serve six times, and the extra break in the first set proved to be decisive. This was Sharpova’s first title victory since May 2015 and seventh event since she returned in April 2017 from a 15-month drug ban.

  18. Who was defeated by Roger Federer of Switzerland to win Shanghai Masters tennis tournament?
    1. Novak Djokovic
    2. Andy Murray
    3. Juan Martin
    4. Pete Sampras
    5. Rafael Nadal
    Answer 5. Rafael Nadal
    Explanation Roger Federer of Switzerland beat Rafael Nadal of Spain by 6-4 6-3 to win the final match of Shanghai Masters tennis tournament.
    This is Roger Federer’s 94th career title and has equalled Ivan Lendl’s record in terms of Open era titles. Top spot is held by American player Jimmy Connors with 109 career titles.
    It is to be noted that Rafael Nadal recently won China Open and US Open and currently hold No.1 rank in men’s tennis. This victory is Federer’s fourth win of the year against Nadal.

  19. India’s young paddler Selena Selvakumar won gold medal in the Junior Girls Team Cadet Table-Tennis Open conducted in which country?
    1. Australia
    2. Oman
    3. Yeman
    4. Egypt
    5. Pakistan
    Answer 4. Egypt
    Explanation India’s young paddler Selena Selvakumar,17 won gold medal in the Junior Girls Team event to annex the 2017 Egypt Junior and Cadet Table-Tennis Open. She is from Chennai city. She beat Sarah Abousetta 3-1 in the opening encounter and Marwa Alhodaby 3-1 in the fourth match to set up the victory.

  20. Which of the given option is related to Historian Satish Chandra ?
    1. Psychology
    2. Ancient India
    3. Chemistry
    4. Mordern India
    5. Medival India
    Answer 5. Medival India
    Explanation Veteran historian of medieval India and noted educational administrator, Satish Chandra passed away, in New Delhi. Satish Chandra was 95 years old. His body was cremated at the Lodhi Road crematorium, New Delhi. Professor Satish Chandra was the author of the NCERT’s Medieval India textbook that was in circulation in the 1970s till the early 2000s. It was considered as the most comprehensive textbook of that period. It was a two volume book loaded with information.

  21. Totally how many parts of Pranab Mukherjee’s memoir have been released till date?
    1. 2
    2. 1
    3. 5
    4. 4
    5. 3
    Answer 5. 3 parts
    Explanation former president Pranab Mukherjee released ‘The Coalition Years: 1996-2012’, the third part of his memoir in New Delhi.
    While releasing the memoir, Pranab Mukherjee stated that he is a party activist and has tried to not bring his personal, family life into the narrative. The event was attended by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi.

  22. When is International Day of Rural Women celebrated?
    1. October 15
    2. October 16
    3. October 17
    4. October 18
    5. October 19
    Answer 1. October 15
    Explanation On 15th October 2017, International Day of Rural Women is celebrated all over the world.
    The theme for 2017 International Day of Rural Women is “Challenges and opportunities in climate-resilient agriculture for gender equality and the empowerment of rural women and girls”.

  23. October 15 is celebrated as World Students Day. United Nations declared to honour on which former Indian President’s birthday?
    1. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan
    2. K.R Narayanan
    3. APJ Abdul Kalam
    4. Rajendra Prasad
    5. R.Venkataraman
    Answer 3. APJ Abdul Kalam
    Explanation On 15th October 2017, World Students Day was celebrated all over the world. The United Nations declared former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam’s birthday (October 15) as ‘World Student’s Day’ in 2010. APJ Abdul Kalam was an aerospace scientist. He has made India proud with his missile defence programme. His favourite job was teaching. His sudden death on 27th July, 2015 was a shock. But Kalam died while teaching, which he loved the most.