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Current Affairs Quiz: November 26 2017

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AffairsCloud brings you the complete and important daily current affairs November 26 Quiz 2017 to achieve more marks in Banking , Insurance, UPSC, SSC, CLAT , Railway  and all other competitive Exams. We have prepared the current affairs quiz from our current affairs today updates.

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    1. The 12th meeting of the Standing Committee of Inter-State Council (ISC) was held at?
      1. Delhi
      2. Mumbai
      3. Pune
      4. Patna
      5. Srinagar
      Answer 1. Delhi
      Explanation The Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh chaired the 12th meeting of the Standing Committee of Inter-State Council (ISC), in Delhi. Rajnath Singh said that, Volumes-I & II were discussed during the eleventh meeting of the Standing Committee in April 2017 and Volumes-VI and VII will be discussed during the next meeting of the Standing Committee. He said that the recommendations of the Standing Committee on Punchhi Commissions report will then be placed before the Inter-State Council. The Standing Committee considered 118 recommendations contained in Volumes-III, IV and V and finalised its recommendations

    2. Totally how many backward districts were identified for rapid transformation by 2022, in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision to create a “New India” over the next five years?
      1. 155
      2. 125
      3. 115
      4. 200
      5. 100
      Answer 3. 115
      Explanation The government said, it had identified 115 backward districts for rapid transformation by 2022, in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision to create a “New India” over the next five years. Senior level government officials, at the rank of Additional Secretary and Joint Secretary, have been nominated as ‘Prabhari’ officers for each district. A detailed briefing of these officials was held under the chairmanship of Cabinet Secretary P.K. Sinha. He advised the Prabhari officers to immediately form a team with state representatives and bring convergence in their effort.

    3. Under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) – Urban scheme 2015, totally how many houses are sanctioned by the the government for the urban poor?
      1. 25.50 lakh
      2. 20.75 lakh
      3. 15.84 lakh
      4. 10.00 lakh
      5. 30.76 lakh
      Answer 5. 30.76 lakh
      Explanation Union minister Hardeep Singh Puri said that, the government has sanctioned 30.76 lakh houses for the urban poor since the launch of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) – Urban scheme in June 2015. Hardeep Singh Puri said that, currently, 15.65 lakh houses are at various stages of construction and about 4.13 lakh houses have been built in the last two years, at a at a national workshop on PMAY (Urban) and Swachh Bharat Mission (Urban), in New Delhi. The workshop was held to deliberate on the issues in the progress of the mission, particularly implementation of the ‘In-situ Slum Rehabilitation (ISSR)’ and‘Affordable Housing in Partnership (AHP)’ verticals of the scheme.

    4. Name the World’s First 3D Sanskrit Film which was Screened at 2017 IFFI Goa?
      1. Arundati
      2. Anurakthi
      3. Balumahi
      4. Aarunya
      5. Aishwarya
      Answer 2. Anurakthi
      Explanation The World’s first Sanskrit 3D film‘Anurakthi’ is among the main attraction in 3D category at the ongoing International Film Festival of India in Panaji in Goa. A team of 10 Sanskrit scholars worked with the filmmaker to help deliver the correct dialogues. There were also dialect coaches to the actors to perfect the language. The main challenge for the artists in the movie was to present it in a contemporary setting and ensure the language can be followed by the viewers. The motto of making the film is to make the Sanskrit language relevant even for today.

    5. In which Indian city, the third iconic Trump Tower comprising 140 ultra-luxury apartments has been been launched at?
      1. Mumbai
      2. Bhagalpur
      3. Kolkata
      4. Ahmadabad
      5. Hyderabad
      Answer 3. Kolkata
      Explanation The iconic Trump Tower comprising 140 ultra-luxury apartments has been been launched in Kolkata and its Indian developers are expecting to garner around Rs 700 crore in sales from this project. This is the third Trump Tower to be launched in India. The construction cost would be around Rs 7,000 per sq ft in this project. Realty firms Unimark Group, RDB Group and Tribeca Developers have already sold about 50 per cent units since the project was soft-launched in mid-October. The starting price is Rs 3.75 crore for a 2,500 sq ft size flat.

    6. The Swedish home furnishing retailer IKEA (Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd) has planned to open its first store in which Indian city?
      1. Hyderabad
      2. Kolkata
      3. Jaipur
      4. Lucknow
      5. Bhopal
      Answer 1. Hyderabad
      Explanation The Swedish home furnishing retailer IKEA (Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd) launched its first experimential centre “IKEA Hej HOME”on 26th Nov 2017. IKEA has planned to open its first store in the India at Hyderabad by 2018.After the Hyderabad store, the second store will open in Mumbai during 2019, followed by Bengaluru and Delhi NCR. In India, IKEA currently has50 suppliers with 45,000 direct employees. The Hej Home, designed and set up over six-month duration, highlights what the retailer stands for and what to expect from an IKEA store.

    7. According to the ‘World Book of Records’ (WBR), which monument has been awarded the ‘most visited place of the world’?
      1. Taj Mahal
      2. Great wall of China
      3. Golden Temple
      4. Christ the redeemer
      5. Petra in Jordan
      Answer 3. Golden Temple
      Explanation The Golden Temple has been awarded the ‘most visited place of the world’ by ‘World Book of Records’ (WBR), a London-based organisation that catalogues and verifies world records. General secretary of WBR India chapter, Surbhi Kaul, and president of WBR Punjab chapter, Randeep Singh Kohli, gave this award to Shriomani Gurdwara Pharbandhak Committee (SGPC) chief secretary Roop Singh and other senior officials at Teja Singh Samundari Hall, Amritsar.

    8. Which Indian city has got its first woman Mayor in 100 years?
      1. Agra
      2. Lucknow
      3. Kanpur
      4. Bhopal
      5. Indore
      Answer 2. Lucknow
      Explanation Lucknow voters cast ballots to elect their first woman mayor in the ongoing civic body polls in Uttar Pradesh. All the parties fielded women candidates after the Lucknow mayoral seat was reserved for women. Prominent contestants out of 19 are Sayukta Bhatia (BJP), Prema Awasthi (Congress), Bulbul Godiyal (BSP), Priyanka Maheshwari (AAP). Uttar Pradesh is credited with giving India its first woman governor Sarojini Naidu and chief minister Sucheta Kriplani.

    9. Which country has developed the world’s first artificial intelligence politician?
      1. Canada
      2. China
      3. Australia
      4. New Zealand
      5. India
      Answer 4. New Zealand
      Explanation Scientists of New Zealand have developed the world’s first artificial intelligence politician. This virtual politician was named as SAM. It was created by Nick Gerritsen, a 49-year-old entrepreneur in New Zealand. This politician can answer a person’s queries regarding local issues such as policies around housing, education and immigration. The AI politician is constantly learning to respond to people through Facebook Messenger as well as a survey on its homepage.

    10. Who became the first Indian man to win gold in the 16th edition of the Asian Marathon Championship, in Dongguan, China?
      1. Gopi Thonakal
      2. Manavjit Singh
      3. Srikanth Kidambi
      4. Shiva Thapa
      5. Ankit Sharma
      Answer 1. Gopi Thonakal
      Explanation Gopi Thonakal became the first Indian man to win Asian Marathon Championship after he won gold in the 16th edition of the Asian Marathon Championship, in Dongguan, China. Gopi Thonakal clocked 2 hours 15 minutes and 48 seconds and won the gold. Andrey Petrov of Uzbekistan bagged the silver with a timing of 2:15:51s and Byambalev Tseveenravdan of Mongolia won bronze by clocking 2:16:14s.

    11. Name the cricketer who scored 10 international hundreds in a calendar year?
      1. Sachin Tendulkar
      2. Mahela Jayawardene
      3. Sanath Jayasuriya
      4. Virat Kohli
      5. MS Dhoni
      Answer 4. Virat Kohli
      Explanation Virat Kohli has become the first captain to score 10 international hundreds in a calendar year. On 26th November 2017, Virat Kohli struck his 19th hundred in Test as India played against Sri Lanka at the VCA Stadium in Nagpur. It was also his fifth double hundred in Test cricket. Virat Kohli reached his fourth Test hundred in 2017 in just 130 balls. He scored his 51st career hundred in international cricket.

    12. Who is Om Prakash Saraf?
      1. Former MLA
      2. Former MP
      3. Former CM
      4. Former Mayor
      5. Former Cabinet Member
      Answer 1. Former MLA
      Explanation Om Prakash Saraf, former MLA of Jammu Kashmir, passed away in Jammu Kashmir. Om Prakash Saraf was 95 years old. He has become the first person in Jammu Kashmir, who in his lifetime had decided to donate his body to the medical college. There was no cremation of his body. Instead, his body was handed over to the Government Medical College, Jammu. He is survived by two sons and two daughters. He founded Praja Socialist Party (PSP) in Jammu Kashmir

    13. Which profession do Shahrokh Hatami belongs to?
      1. Journalist
      2. Photographer
      3. Singer
      4. Dancer
      5. Bike Racer
      Answer 2. Photographer
      Explanation famed Iranian photo-journalist Shahrokh Hatami, died from pulmonary insufficiency, in France. Shahrokh Hatam was 89 years old. He he died from pulmonary insufficiency at Auxi-le-Chateau in northern France. He began his career as a journalist for an Iranian newspaper. He has covered events as diverse, from major geopolitical events such as the 1979 Iranian Revolution to the cultural phenomenon of the Beatles in Liverpool at the start of their career in 1963.

    14. The Constitution Day is also celebrated as _______?
      1. National Law Day
      2. Samvidhan Divas
      3. National Preamble Day
      4. 1&2
      5. 2&3
      Answer 4. 1&2
      Explanation On 26th November 2017, Constitution Day was celebrated all over India. Constitution Day also known as Samvidhan Divas, is celebrated in India on 26 November every year to commemorate the adoption of Constitution of India. It is also celebrated as the National Law Day. On 26th November 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India adopted the Constitution of India. It came into effect on 26 January 1950, which is celebrated as the Republic Day to mark the anniversary of occasion.

    15. Name the Indian Ambassador who was named as India’s envoy in Washington?
      1. Mohan Kumar
      2. Alok Kumar Sinha
      3. Venkatesh Varma
      4. Navtej Sarna
      5. Arun Kumar Singh
      Answer 4. Navtej Sarna
      Explanation The term of India’s Ambassador to the United States Navtej Sarna which was ending this month is understood to have been extended by a year. Sarna, a 1980 batch Indian Foreign Service officer, was scheduled to retire at the end of the month after a successful tenure which witnessed travel by PM Narendra Modi to White House this June to meet President Donald Trump within six months of his presidency. Sarna was named India’s envoy in Washington in September 2016 after as Indian High Commissioner to Britain for eight months.

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