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Current Affairs Quiz: May 7 2019

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Questions Based on Current Affairs May 7 2019

  1. Name the mission, under which Khadi and Village Industries Commission(KVIC) distributed 1 lakh bee-boxes that produced 246 metric tonnes of honey so far.
    1) Honey Mission
    2) Sweet Mission
    3) Bee Mission
    4) Honey Bee Mission
    5) None of these
    Answer – 1) Honey Mission
    For the first time in India, under the ‘Honey Mission’ initiative, (KVIC) Khadi and Village Industries Commission (in less than 2 years) distributed more than 1 lakh bee-boxes among farmers and jobless youths across India.KVIC has helped in creating more than 10,000 new jobs and 25,000 additional man-days through the manufacturing of bee boxes and honey extractors. Bee-keeping would also open many job avenues for aspiring young entrepreneurs. In August 2017, the initiative of ‘Honey Mission’ was launched in accordance with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for ‘Sweet Revolution‘ in 2016 while introducing Banas Honey project at Deesa, Gujarat.

  2. Where did India-US Bilateral trade meeting held?
    1) Kolkata
    2) Mumbai
    3) New Delhi
    4) Bengaluru
    5) None of these
    Answer – 3) New Delhi
    On May 6th, 2019, India-US Bilateral trade meeting was held in New Delhi. It was co-chaired by Suresh Prabhu, Minister of Commerce & Industry and Civil Aviation, Government of India and Mr Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce, USA. An official release said both leaders appreciated the strong, robust and growing bilateral ties across the spectrum of trade and commerce. Both the sides expressed satisfaction over the year 2018, with bilateral trade in Goods and Services registering a growth of 12.6%.Both sides agreed to deepen economic cooperation and bilateral trade by ensuring greater cooperation amongst stakeholders.

  3. The life and works of which Politician is set to be filmed jointly by India and Bangladesh?
    1) Obaidul Quader
    2) Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
    3) Kazi Nazrul Islam
    4) Hussain Muhammad Ershad
    5) None of these
    Answer – 2) Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
    India and Bangladesh in a meeting agreed to jointly produce the film based on the life and works of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and documentary of Bangladesh Liberation War 1971. The delegation from Bangladesh side led by Dr. Gowher Rizvi, Adviser to Prime Minister of Bangladesh met Amit Khare, Secretary of Information and Broadcasting Ministry. The co-production of the film was earlier announced by the PM of both India and Bangladesh. The movie will be directed by Shyam Benegal and the scriptwriter of the movie will be Atul Tiwari and the director of the documentary will be from Bangladesh who would be assisted by a co-director from India.

  4. Which country’s parliament has approved a constitutional reform to remove the post of prime minister recently?
    1) Mali
    2) Ivory Coast
    3) Nigeria
    4) Senegal
    5) None of these
    Answer – 4) Senegal
    In the very first initiative of President Macky Sall’s 2nd term in office, Senegalese parliament has approved a constitutional reform to remove the post of prime minister.The motion was passed with 124 MPs (member of parliament) voting in favour of the motion, while 7 MPs voting against the motion.The parliament also supported the legislative alterations, whose prime objective was to prevent the president from dissolving the National Assembly. In doing so, it could no longer raise a motion of no confidence against the government.The Opposition parties have rejected the constitutional alterations.

  5. Who is the Prime Minister of Mali, succeeding Soumeylou Boubeye Maiga, who resigned after Ogossagou massacre?
    1) Boubou Cisse
    2) Modibo Keita
    3) Moussa Mara
    4) Oumar Tatam Ly
    5) None of these
    Answer – 1) Boubou Cisse
    Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, Mali’s president named a new government comprising of 37 members to oversee the formation of a “broad-based” government, under Prime Minister Boubou Cisse, after his predecessor Soumeylou Boubeye Maiga resigned in April.Maiga and his entire cabinet ministry had resigned amid the massacre of over 160 members of the Fulani herding community in Ogossagou village (near Mali’s border) with Burkina Faso.Thousands of grieving commoners took to the streets on 5th April, 2019 to protest against the rising violence that killed 600 people.Prime Minister Boubou Cisse had signed an agreement declaring his agreement for setting up a politically-inclusive new government, with the opposition and majority party representatives, in Bamako.

  6. What is the revised housing loan limit to an individual in metropolitan centre’s under Priority sector Lending (PSL) RRBs (Regional Rural Banks) and SFBs (Small Finance Banks)?
    1) Rs.40 Lakh
    2) Rs.35 Lakh
    3) Rs.25 Lakh
    4) Rs.30 Lakh
    5) None of these
    Answer – 2) Rs.35 Lakh
    To include the RRBs (Regional Rural Banks) and SFBs (Small Finance Banks) in the same level as the other Scheduled Commercial Banks, (RBI) Reserve Bank of India has notified them to enhance housing loan limits to individuals up to Rs 35 lakh in metropolitan centres (which would have a population of over 10 lakhs) and Rs 25 lakh in other centres, under Priority sector Lending (PSL). The total cost of the dwelling unit in the metropolitan centres should not exceed Rs 45 lakh and at other centres should not go beyond Rs 30 lakh for them to be eligible for classification under PSL.Previously, in case of SFB’s loans up to Rs 28 lakh to individuals in metropolitan centres and Rs 20 lakh in other centres, were eligible for classification under PSL, provided that the cost of dwelling unit did not exceed Rs 35 lakh for metropolitan centres and Rs 25 lakh for other centres.

  7. What is the reason behind the fall in Direct tax collections of Rs 82,000 crore in 2018-19?
    1) Technological Development
    2) Social and Political Factors
    3) Shortage in low corporate tax collections
    4) Demonetisation
    5) None of these
    Answer – 3) Shortage in low corporate tax collections
    Direct tax collections fell short by Rs. 82,000 crore at 11.18 crore in FY2019 (financial year), and one of the major reasons for this shortage is low corporate tax collections. The collections from some regions were much lesser than the last year. Rs.12 lakh crore was the target set by the government. But the sum total of the tax collection numbers indicate that it got 13.4% more than the previous fiscal year but fell short of the updated target of 18%.Moreover, the profits of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) have been lesser, which again had a negative impact on tax collections.

  8. Name the Blockchain based service launched by tech giant, Microsoft.
    1) Azure Blockchain Service
    2) Abra Blockchain Service
    3) Ardor Blockchain Service
    4) Bitswift Blockchain Service
    5) None of these
    Answer – 1) Azure Blockchain Service
    Recently, Microsoft has released its own fully managed Azure Blockchain Service. This will help in simplifying the formation, management and governance of the businesses so that they can pay attention to workflow logic and application development. Businesses can develop their applications on this new cloud-based platform. “Quorum”, an enterprise-focused version of open-sourced platform Ethereum, will be the first ledger available in Azure Blockchain Service. This has been announced after a partnership between J.P Morgan and Microsoft.

  9. Which organization in collaboration with Yes Bank has released the report titled “India Inbound Tourism: Unlocking the Opportunity” indicating that India’s MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) tourism grow by 8% a year?
    1) NASSCOM
    2) Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
    3) Confederation of Indian Industry(CII)
    4) Federation of Indian Chambers & Industry (FICCI)
    5) None of these
    Answer – 4) Federation of Indian Chambers & Industry (FICCI)
    The report titled “India Inbound Tourism: Unlocking the Opportunity” published that India’s MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibition) tourism are growing at 8 per cent a year. The report is published by the Federation of Indian Chambers & Industry (FICCI) in collaboration with Yes Bank.India has ranked 24th in MICE tourism worldwide. Out of 12,563 international meetings held in 2018, India hosts only 175 meetings which are around 1.4% and MICE tourism was pegged at Rs 25,000 crore with a yearly growth of 8%.In 2018, India ranked 5th in the Asia Pacific region in MICE tourism. The top four countries were Japan followed by China, South Korea and Australia.

  10. Name the two new award categories inducted to Best FIFA Football Awards 2019 recently.
    i.Off Women’s goalkeeper of the year
    ii.Women’s team of the year
    iii.Men’s goalkeeper of the year
    iv.Men’s team of the year
    1) Option i & iii
    2) Option i & ii
    3) Option ii & iii
    4) Option ii & iv
    5) None of these
    Answer – 2) Option i & ii
    On 6th May 2019, Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has introduced two new award categories, off Women’s goalkeeper of the year and a women’s team of the year, to promote women’s football across the globe These additions mean and both men and women will be up for receiving accolades in the same categories at the FIFA Best ceremony 2019 in Milan, Italy that will take place on 23 September 2019.

  11. Which asteroid, is set to be hit by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) with its spacecraft ‘Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART)’ ?
    1) Apollo
    2) Toutatis
    3) Icarus
    4) Didymos B
    5) None of these
    Answer – 4) Didymos B
    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will hit an asteroid named Didymoon or Didymos B with a spacecraft called Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) in 2022. This will be the first mission which demonstrates a planetary defence technique. The asteroid is 150 m tall which orbiting a larger body called Didymos A. This will help in understanding the state of the asteroid system.The spacecraft Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) will carry an optical navigation system which captures the images. This will help the spacecraft to reach its target successfully.The DART spacecraft will use small hydrazine thrusters which utilise the electric propulsion system.

  12. NOTTO has issued guidelines according to which organ allocation to foreign nationals should be approved by it.What is the full form of NOTTO?
    1) National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO)
    2) National Organ & Testicle Transplant Organisation (NOTTO)
    3) National Organ Transplant after Testing Organisation (NOTTO)
    4) National Organ Transplanation after Testing Organisation (NOTTO)
    5) None of these
    Answer – 1) National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO)
    The National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO), an apex body that coordinates with States on the procurement and distribution of organs in compliance with the Transplantation of Human Organs Act (THOA), has issued guidelines according to which an organ could be allocated to foreigners only after it gives its approval. This decision was made due to media reports which stated that foreign nationals getting organs ahead of Indian nationals on the waiting list. The Transplant Authority of Tamil Nadu (Transtan) has also issued guidelines which will bring greater transparency in the allocation of organs to people. The guidelines include that private hospitals should obtain the consent of the donor family before allocating the organs to foreigners.

  13. Name the report, released by United Nation to notify that 40% of amphibian species and 1 million of insect and fauna are at risk of extinction within decades.
    1) World Wildlife Crime Report
    2) Global Environment Outlook
    3) Global Assessment
    4) Global Report on Trafficking in Persons
    5) None of these
    Answer – 3) Global Assessment
    The UN Report termed as ‘Global Assessment’, stated that, among the approximated 8 million plant, insect and animal species, around 1 million is at risk of extinction within decades. The research study confirms that this extreme loss is a direct result of human activity and has the consequence of a direct threat to human well-being worldwide.The report was endorsed by 130 countries, including the U.S., Russia and China.The research study was launched in Paris by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). IPBES is headed by Robert Watson, a British environmental scientist.The research study has been compiled by 145 expert authors from 50 countries.The basic foundation of the study lies in the dire need to incorporate a new “post-growth” form of economics, which would help to alter the risks of pollution, habitat destruction and carbon emissions.

  14. John Campbell and Shai Hope scored 365 runs and surpassed the Pakistan’s opening stand world record in ODI cricket, they belong to which country?
    1) New Zealand
    2) West Indies
    3) Bangladesh
    4) South Africa
    5) None of these
    Answer – 2) West Indies
    West Indies player John Campbell and Shai Hope created the history by making first-ever 350 plus run opening stand against Ireland. Both players shared 365 runs for the first wicket and also become the only opening pair to score 150 runs each in one inning of a 50-over match. The venue of the match was Clontarf Cricket Club Ground, Dublin, Ireland.Previously, the highest first wicket opening stand was 304 runs in ODI cricket by Pakistan’s Fakhar Zaman and Imam-ul-Haq against Zimbabwe in 2018.

  15. Name the deceased West Indies cricketer, who was named as Wisden Cricketer of the Year in 1967 .
    1) Seymour Nurse
    2) Jasper Vinall
    3) Ian Folley
    4) Darryn Randall
    5) None of these
    Answer – 1) Seymour Nurse
    On 6th May 2019, Former West Indies Batsman Seymour Nurse died after prolonged illness at the age of 85.He was born on 10 November 1933 at Saint Michael, Barbados. Nurse has played 29 Tests between 1960 and 1969.He was named Wisden Cricketer of the Year in 1967.He had served as Coach and cricket selector at the Barbados National Sports Council after retirement.He scored 2523 runs at an average of 47.6 with six hundred and ten fifties.

  16. Derek Sippy passed away recently, he belongs to which sport?
    1) Darts
    2) Ten-pin bowling
    3) Snooker
    4) Billiards
    5) None of these
    Answer – 4) Billiards
    On 6th May 2019, Former Indian Cue sports Player, Coach and administrator Derek Sippy, who was in his 60s, died due to a massive heart attack in Mumbai, Maharashtra. His death was confirmed to Press Trust of India (PTI) by Manav Panchal, Honorary Secretary of the Billiards and Snooker Association of Maharashtra (BSAM). He had served as secretary of BSAM for several years.He was the Indian team’s coach at recently concluded Asian Under-21 Boys Snooker and Asian Women Snooker tournament in Chandigarh which was held from April 27th to May 3rd, 2019 at Community Centre, Sector 19, Chandigarh.

  17. World Athletics Day 2019 is observed annually on _____________?
    1) 5th May
    2) 6th May
    3) 7th May
    4) 4th May
    5) None of these
    Answer – 3) 7th May
    On 7th May 2019, World Athletics Day was observed to promote Athletics as the primary sport in schools and institutions, to raise awareness about the sports and to educate youngsters about the importance of the sports. It is the sport’s annual worldwide festival of youth and one of the busiest programmes of competitions on the athletics calendar.The first World Athletics Day was celebrated in 1996. International Association of Athletics Federations(IAAF) is authorised to decide the date of this day.This Day, which is organized by the IAAF, helps to establish an important link between the youth, our sport, and environmental conservation.

  18. What was the theme of the World Asthma Day 2019?
    1) Theme – “Never too early, never too late. It’s always the right time to address airways disease”
    2) Theme – “STOP for Asthma”
    3) Theme – “Allergy and Asthma”
    4) Theme – “You Can Control Your Asthma”
    5) None of these
    Answer – 2) Theme – “STOP for Asthma”
    World Asthma Day is observed annually on the first Tuesday of May to raise awareness regarding Asthma and its care. This year it coincided with May 7th. It is supported by the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA), World Asthma Foundation, and National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI). The theme of this year is “STOP for Asthma”. STOP means Symptom evaluation, Test response, Observe and assess, Proceed to adjust treatment. The inaugural World Asthma Day was held in 1998 in more than 35 countries. The first World Asthma Meeting was held in Barcelona, Spain.Asthma is a condition which cannot be cured, it can only be controlled with effective management tips.

Static GK Quiz based on Current Affairs:

  1. Who is the President of Federation of Indian Chambers & Industry (FICCI)?
    Sandip Somany

  2. What is the Capital and Currency of Senegal?
    Capital: Dakar & Currency: CFA franc, West African CFA franc.

  3. What is the Tagline of Yes Bank?
    Experience our Expertise

  4. Who is the CEO of Microsoft?
    Satya Nadella

  5. Where is the headquarter of International Monetary Fund (IMF) located?
    Washington, D.C. , US