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Current Affairs Quiz: May 30 2018

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AffairsCloud brings you the complete and important daily current affairs May 30 2018 Quiz to achieve more marks in Banking , Insurance, UPSC, SSC, CLAT , Railway  and all other competitive Exams. We have prepared the current affairs quiz from our current affairs today updates.

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  1. On May 30,2018, The Minister of Railways _____ launched new User interface of its Next Generation e-Ticketing system?
    1.Manoj Sinha
    2.Piyush Goyal
    3.Suresh Prabhu
    4.Ananth Geete
    5.None of these
    Answer – 2.Piyush Goyal
    To view and enquire about train timings, check availability of seats without logging in. New filters for serch based on Class wise, train wise, destination wise, departure /arrival time wise and quota wise for trains. Addition of ‘My Transaction’ feature to view their booked tickets based on journey date , booking date etc. Addition of ‘Waitlist Prediction’ has been made for ease of the passangers .

  2. On May 29,2018 , The Minister of State (I/C) for Power Mr. R. K. Singh launched the ____ app and web portal to bring transparency in electricity payments to generators?
    5.None of these
    Answer – 2.PRAAPTI
    It is a web portal and an App named PRAAPTI : Payment Ratification And Analysis in Power procurement for bringing Transparency in Invoicing of Generators) . the website is : . This is for transparency in power purchase between Generators and Discoms. It will collect data regarding the payments and invoicing for long term PPAs from the generators and will help the stakeholders in getting monthly wise data that is legitimate against Discoms.

  3. On 29th May 2018, where did Union Tribal Affairs Minister, Jual Oram launch ‘the PANKHA’ (Hand-fans), an exhibition cum sale event?
    3.New Delhi
    5.None of these
    Answer – 3.New Delhi
    The Pankha has been created by TRIFED through its artisans from various parts of India. TRIFED has collaborated with Jatin Das Centre for Arts (JDCA) to offer marketing support to the tribal artisans who are related to this craft. The Pankhas are a range of exotic hand fans. Inspiration for this event has been drawn from Artist Jatin Das and his collection of 10000 handmade Pankhas. The Pankhas are kept on display at Indira Gandhi Naitonal Auditorium (IGNA), New Delhi from 26th May 2018 to 24th June 2018.

  4. On May 29,2018, Ministry of Women and Child Development signed an MOU with which state government for management of home of Widows?
    2.Uttar Pradesh
    4.Madhya Pradesh
    5.None of these
    Answer – 2.Uttar Pradesh
    The ministry of Women and Child Development has constructed shelter homes for widows with a maximum capacity of 1000people in it. The MOU will be valid for a period of2 years and can be further renewed . The Home shall be run by the Uttar Pradesh government or any institution under the supervision of the state government.

  5. Which state government has decided to reduce the prices of petrol and diesel by Re 1 in the state with effect from 1st June 2018?
    4.Andhra Pradesh
    5.None of these
    Answer – 3.Kerala
    Kerala has become the first state to announce a reduction in fuel prices. Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan made the announcement on 30th May 2018. Pinarayi Vijayan said that, this will create a loss of Rs. 509 crore for the Kerala state government. On 30th May 2018, there was a reduction in the prices of petrol and diesel after 16 consecutive days. But the reduction was only one paisa per litre.

  6. India is organizing an International Conference on Trade –Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs) convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) linkage in ____ on June 7 and 8?
    1.Geneva, Switzerland
    2.New York, United States
    3.London, United Kingdom
    4.New Delhi, India
    5.None of these
    Answer – 1.Geneva, Switzerland
    The conference will be participated by various nations like Brazil, China, Indonesia , Peru, Philippines and New Zealand. The fields for the issue will be : Ayurveda , Naturopathy and Yoga and traditional knowledge of healing properties of Neem and Turmeric. The CBD is a multi lateral agreement on sustainable development and fair sharing of benefits .

  7. India has released _____ to Nepal for 2 road packages of Birgunj-Thori Road implemented under Postal Highway Projects in Nepal with the grant assistance from Indian Government?
    1.Rs 33.10 Crore
    2.Rs 43.10 Crore
    3.Rs 22.55 Crore
    4.Rs 100 Crore
    5.None of these
    Answer – 1.Rs 33.10 Crore
    On 29th May 2018, Deputy Chief of Mission in the Indian Embassy, Dr. Ajay Kumar gave a Cheque to Secretary, Ministry for Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Nepal, Madhusudan Adhikari in Kathmandu. The funds has been released for 25% of tendered cost (including 10% mobilization advance) of the Postal Highway Projects. The Indian Government has provided 117.63 Crore rupees to the Nepal Government so far, for implementation of 14 packages of the Postal Highway Projects.

  8. On May 29,2018, the 71st World Health Assesmbly the decision making body of World Health Organization (WHO) has adopted India’s Digital Health Initiative. Where was the Assembly held?
    1.Geneva, Switzerland
    2.New York, United States
    3.London, United Kingdom
    4.New Delhi, India
    5.None of these
    Answer – 1.Geneva, Switzerland
    The resolution will establish a global strategy on digital health and prioritize areas where WHO will work together with its member countries. It is for countries achieving health related SDG (sustainable development goals ) and and implementing WHO’s13th General Program of work. Mainstreaming digital interventions in health like big data and analysis , AI, machine learning etc.

  9. On May 30,2018, State Bank of India hiked its fixed deposit rates for selected tenures. FDs of 2-3 years will be getting interest rate of ____%?
    1.8.75 %
    2.8.5 %
    3.7.15 %
    4.7.75 %
    5.None of these
    Answer – 3.7.15 %
    The range of hike starts from 0.05 (5bps) to 0.25 (25 basis points ) . The newest interest rate will come into effect from May 28. SBI will offer 6.65 % for 1 to 2 year term deposists from 6.4%. Term deposits with 2-3 years with fetch 6.65% from 6.60% form earlier.

  10. On May 30,2018, according to Moody’s investor service report India’s GDP forecast has gone down to ____% from 7.5% for 2018?
    5.None of these
    Answer – 2.7.3
    The forecast for 2019 is constant at 7.5%.With higher rural consumption and supported by minimum support price and normal monsoon the economy is moving forward. By addressing the repair in impaired assets of banks and corporates through the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code the economy will be improving. The GST may weigh down the growth too.

  11. On May 30,2018, National Mineral Development Corporation and NLC ltd. signed a pact with Environment Clean Technologies Ltd. Of Australia to set up a research and Development facility in which state?
    1.Tamil Nadu
    5.None of these
    Answer – 1.Tamil Nadu
    This pact would help Australia and India work together in developing low emission iron and steel process through integrated Coldry – Mamtorplant that will be built in India. Developing innovations in iron and steel making and making a special purpose vehicle (SPV) for steel manufacturing unit. The project has two phases : Commencing a R&D phase that has a fund of AUD 35 million by Indian partners and commercial expansion of the for the steel making facility with capacity of 5 lakh tonne per annum . The amount for this fund is : AUD 300 million.

  12. On May 30,2018, which Social Media platform joined hands with National Commission for Women (NCW) to launch digital literacy programme in collaboration with Cyber Peace Foundation (CPF)?
    5.None of these
    Answer – 2.Facebook
    This will provide training on responsible and right usage of Internet , social media and email. The training will be given to 60000 women in universities across major cities in Haryana, Delhi-NCR, Manipur, Sikkim, Meghalaya , Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu .The training will be conducted in local languages. The aim of the programme is to raise awareness and equal participation of women in the digital sphere.

  13. On May 30,2018, Facebook will be launching ____, a payment service for its whatsapp platform?
    1.Whatsapp Pay
    2.Whatsapp Money
    3.Whatsapp Transfer
    4.Whatsapp Payments
    5.None of these
    Answer – 1.Whatsapp Pay
    It will be partnering with HDFC , AXIS, ICICI and SBI banks. A pilot version of Whatsapp Pay has started in February with 1 million users in India. More than 200 million Indians use Whatspp and that is about 60% of US population. The active usage is estimated to be 20 times more than Paytm’s .

  14. On May 30,2018, Name the Indian Botanist who was awarded the Linnean Medal in Botany from Linnean Society of London, becoming the first Indian to receive this award?
    1.M C Mohan
    2.M C Raja Mohan
    3.Kamaljit Bawa
    4.Pawan Krishnan
    5.None of these
    Answer – 3.Kamaljit Bawa
    He is the president of Bengaluru based non-profit Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE). ATREE has been ranked 2ndin Asia and 18th globally among the world’s environmental think tanks. Mr. Bawa has constituted an open access peer reviewed magazine called Conservation and Society . The Linnean Medal was first constituted in 1888 and acts as a good recognition in the field of conservation and sustainability.

  15. On May 30,2018, which firm became the third most valuable firm globally surpassing Alphabet?
    5.None of these
    Answer – 3.Microsoft
    Microsoft had a market cap of $753 billion. It ranks after Apple and Amazon. Apple’s M-cap is $ 924 billion and Amazon has a m-cap of $783 billion.

  16. Name the only Indian who has featured in the top 30 global CEOs list released by Barron’s?
    1.Aditya Puri
    2.Chanda Kochar
    3.Azim Premji
    4.Mukesh Ambani
    5.None of these
    Answer – 1.Aditya Puri
    Aditya Puri has featured in the top 30 global CEOs list by Barron’s for the fourth consecutive year. He is the only Indian to feature in the list. Other names that have appeared in the list are:
    • Jeff Bezos of Amazon
    • Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway
    • Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase
    • Larry Page of Alphabet
    • Reed Hastings of Netflix
    • Satya Nadella of Microsoft
    • Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook

  17. ____, a cartoonist from Kerala, has won an international award, in the best caricature category, at the 13th edition of the World Press Cartoon awards?
    1.Vijay Thomas
    2.Thomas Antony
    3.Anil Raymond
    4.Jeevan Thomas
    5.None of these
    Answer – 2.Thomas Antony
    At present, Thomas Antony, is working as Executive Artist of ‘Metro Vaartha’, a Malayalam daily. Thomas Antony is one among the nine winners at the 13th edition of the World Press Cartoon awards. The awards are instituted by an organisation based in Lisbon, Portugal. The awards honour the best works published in 2017 in newspapers and magazines throughout the world. Thomas Antony is the only cartoonist chosen from Asia for this prize. The awards will be presented at an event in Portugal on 2nd June 2018.

  18. Which Indian cricketer has been awarded the “most inspiring icon of the year for Social Welfare” award by the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival (DPIFF)?
    1.Rahul Dravid
    2.Sachin Tendulkar
    3.Yuvraj Singh
    4.Virat Kohli
    5.None of these
    Answer – 3.Yuvraj Singh
    Yuvraj Singh has been awarded for his remarkable contribution in the social welfare field. He runs a foundation named ‘YouWeCan’. The foundation focuses on spreading cancer awareness and educating the kids of cancer survivors. He is currently not a part of the India cricket team. He played for Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2018.

  19. On 29th May 2018, the ICICI Bank board appointed former Bank of Baroda (BoB) chief _____ as an additional (independent) directorfor a period of 5 years?
    1.Vijay Krishnan
    2.M D Mallya
    3.Sandeep Kulkarni
    4.Mahesh Bhatt
    5.None of these
    Answer – 2.M D Mallya
    M D Mallya’s appointment is subject to the approval of shareholders. His appointment comes a month before the ICICI bank’s chairman M K Sharma completes his term. Before joining BoB, M D Mallya was the chairman of Bank of Maharashtra. He is 65 years old. He joined Corporation Bank in August 1976. He also served as executive director of Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC). He was also the chairman of the Indian Banks Association.

  20. On 30th May 2018, which Indian software company said that, it has acquired US-based Wongdoody, a US-based digital creative and consumer insights agency?
    4.Mahindra Tech
    5.None of these
    Answer – 2.Infosys
    In April 2018, Infosys said that, it will acquire WongDoody Holding Company for a total consideration of up to $75 million. WongDoody Holding Company is a US-based digital creative and consumer insights agency. It has clients in telecommunications, consumer electronics, healthcare and consumer packaged goods industries. This acquisition, will help Infosys to improve its digital experience services with services like strategy, design and user experience.

  21. Scientists from NASA have discovered a special kind of ____star outside the Milky Way galaxy for the first time?
    4.Lava emitting
    5.None of these
    Answer – 2.neutron
    Neutron stars are highly dense cores of massive stars that collapse and go through a supernova explosion. The newly found neutron star was discovered through data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile. It is a rare variety having both low magnetic field and no stellar companion. The neutron star is located within the remains of a supernova named 1E 0102.2-7219 (E0102) – in the Small Magellanic Cloud, which is 200,000 light years away from Earth.

  22. Researchers have found out mountain ranges and three vast, deep sub-glacial valleys hidden under the _____ ice?
    5.None of these
    Answer – 2.Antarctica
    The discovery has been published in the journal Geophysical Research Letter. This is the first finding observed from ice penetrating radar data collected in Antarctica as part of the European Space Agency PolarGAP project. Researchers from Northumbria University, UK, have mapped three huge, sub-glacial valleys in West Antarctica, for the first time. The largest valley is named the Foundation Trough. It is over 350 kilometres long and 35 kilometres wide. The Patuxent Trough is over 300 kilometres long and over 15 kilometres wide. The Offset Rift Basin is 150 kilometres long and 30 kilometres wide.

  23. On 30th May 2018, the Athletics Federation of India announced the retirement of which discus thrower?
    1.Vikas Gowda
    2.Amar Singh
    3.Kumar Narayanan
    4.Vivek Kumar Singh
    5.None of these
    Answer – 1.Vikas Gowda
    Vikas Gowda has retired from the game after competing at the highest level for over 15 years. He became the first and only Indian male to win Commonwealth Games medals in discus throw. He is 34 years old. He was born in Mysore. His family moved to Maryland, USA when he was 5 years old. He owns the national record of 66.28m (achieved in 2012). He won silver medal in the 2010 Commonwealth Games and a gold medal in the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

  24. On 29th May 2018, name the former Himachal Pradesh governor who died after a long term illness at private hospital in Indore, Madhya Pradesh?
    1.Urmila Singh
    2.Raman Singh
    3.Bindya Kumari
    4.Namrata Das
    5.None of these
    Answer – 1.Urmila Singh
    Urmila Singh was 71 years old. She was made the governor of Himachal Pradesh in 2010. Earlier, she had worked as chairman of the National Scheduled Tribes Commission (NCTC). She had also served as a minister in Madhya Pradesh government. She was associated with the Congress Party.

  25. When was the Goa Statehood Day celebrated to commemorate Goa’s formation as the 25th state of India?
    1.May 31
    2.May 30
    3.May 29
    4.May 28
    5.None of these
    Answer – 2.May 30
    Goa attained statehood on 30th May 1987 and became the 25th state of India. Earlier it was a Union Territory along with Daman and Diu. Daman and Diu separated from Goa and still remain as a union territory. This is the 31st Goa Statehood Day.

STATIC GK based on Current Affairs

  1. Where is Madhav National Park located?
    Madhya Pradesh

  2. Who is the president of Athletics Federation of India?
    Mr. Adille J. Sumariwalla

  3. Name the MD & CEO and headquarters of Bank of Baroda?
    MD & CEO – P. S. Jayakumar; Headquarters – Vadodara, Gujarat

  4. Where is Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Cricket Stadium located?
    Guwahati, Assam

  5. What is the tag line of HDFC Bank?
    We understand your world