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Current Affairs Quiz: 9 July 2020

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AffairsCloud brings you the complete and important daily Current Affairs 9 July 2020 Quiz to achieve more marks in Banking, Insurance, UPSC, SSC, CLAT, Railways and all other competitive Exams. We have prepared the current affairs quiz question from our daily current affairs 2020 updates.

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Questions Based on Current Affairs 9 July 2020

  1. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) announced partnership with USAID for clean energy development recently. Who is the present Minister (MoS I/C) of MNRE?
    1) PiyushGoyal
    2) Raj Kumar Singh
    3) Ravi Shankar Prasad
    4) Giriraj Singh
    5) Pralhad Joshi
    Answer-2) Raj Kumar Singh
    A new Partnership announcement was made by the US Agency for International Development (USAID)- supported South Asia Group for Energy (SAGE) and the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) to increase US-India collaboration for clean energy development. MNRE – Minister of State (I/C): Raj Kumar Singh.

  2. The Asia’s largest & world’s 2nd largest data centre “Yotta NM1 data centre” was inaugurated at which state?
    1) Tamil Nadu
    2) Karnataka
    3) Maharashtra
    4) West Bengal
    5) Telangana
    Answer-3) Maharashtra
    Uddhav Thackeray, Chief Minister of Maharashtra and Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister of Communications, Electronics and informational technology inaugurated the World’s 2nd Largest & Asia’s Largest Data Center, ‘Yotta NM1 Data Center’ of Yotta Infrastructure of Hiranandani Group at Panvel data centre park, Mumbai over a virtual platform.

  3. Name the union minister who along with Agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar released ‘Guidelines for Evaluation of Nano-based Agri-input and food products in India’.
    1) Harsh Vardhan
    2) Prakash Javadekar
    3) Nirmala Sitharaman
    4) Ravi Shankar Prasad
    5) Amit Shah
    Answer-1) Harsh Vardhan
    ‘Guidelines for Evaluation of Nano-based Agri-input and food products in India’ has been released by Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Minister for Science & Technology, Health & Family Welfare and Earth Sciences and Narendra Singh Tomar, Minister of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare and Rural Development & Panchayati Raj released through a video-link, from New Delhi. These have been prepared jointly by Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare (M/o A&FW) and Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare through concerted Inter-Ministerial efforts coordinated by DBT. Guidelines will pave the way for significant benefits for our mission on ‘Doubling Farmers Income by 2022’ and ‘National Mission on Sustainable Agriculture’.

  4. The All India Radio planned to broadcast the 1st ever news magazine programme of which language?
    1) Marathi
    2) Hindi
    3) Bengali
    4) Odia
    5) Sanskrit
    Answer-5) Sanskrit
    The All India Radio (AIR) will broadcast its first- ever ‘News Magazine’ programme in Sanskrit titled “Sanskrit Saptahiki’.

  5. Which country has formally issued notice to UN regarding withdrawal from World Health Organisation (WHO)?
    1) Brazil
    2) Russia
    3) United States
    4) China
    5) Australia
    Answer-3) United States
    United States of America (USA), as a depositary of the 1946 Constitution of the World Health Organization (WHO), has formally notified the United Nations (UN) of its decision of withdrawal from the global health body, WHO. The US, which has been a party to the WHO Constitution since June 21, 1948 is the largest funder to the WHO, contributing more than USD 450 million per annum. Notably, the US has to follow the withdrawal conditions including one-year notice period and paying outstanding financial obligations, which were agreed at the time of joining the WHO. In this regard, the US has to serve a 12-month notice period i.e. till July 6, 2021 and also needs to clear the current and past dues which currently owe the WHO around $200 million.

  6. Which is the first 2 countries in South East Asian region that eliminated Rubella and measles ahead of 2023 target, as per WHO?
    1) India & Indonesia
    2) Maldives & Sri Lanka
    3) Thailand & North Korea
    4) Myanmar & Nepal
    5) Bhutan & Bangladesh
    Answer-2) Maldives & Sri Lanka
    According to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) South East Asian Region (SEAR) office, Maldives and Sri Lanka were verified to eliminate both measles and rubella, making them the first two countries in the WHO South-East Asia region to achieve beyond their 2023 target.

  7. Which is the 1st major industrialized country that has announced to phase out coal and nuclear energy?
    1) Germany
    2) United Kingdom
    3) Italy
    4) Argentina
    5) Netherlands
    Answer-1) Germany
    Germany became the first industrialized country to phase out of both coal and nuclear energy, On 3rd July 2020, both the houses of the German parliament approved the bill for shutting down the coal fired power plant by 2038 and to provide around 45 billion USD (40 billion Euro) for the affected regions. It has also planned to shut nuclear power plants by 2022.

  8. How much amount was released by Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank as the 1st tranche to L&T Infrastructure Finance for renewable energy projects in the India?
    1) USD 10 million
    2) USD 100 million
    3) USD 75 million
    4) USD 25 million
    5) USD 50 million
    Answer-5) USD 50 million
    Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank(AIIB) has released USD 50 million in the first tranche of assistance to L&T Infrastructure Finance Ltd(LTIF), to fund renewable Energy Projects in the country. The released amount is part of a sanctioned USD 100 million External Commercial Borrowing(ECB) loan. This is the 1st loan of AIIB to a non-banking financial company (NBFC) in India.

  9. Find the bank which has entered into Bancassurance agreement with Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance recently.
    1) Axis Bank
    2) Karur Vysya Bank
    3) RBL Bank
    4) Indian Overseas Bank
    5) ICICI Bank
    Answer-2) Karur Vysya Bank
    Karur Vysya Bank (KVB), a Scheduled Commercial Bank in India has joined hands with Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance for bancassurance, under which KVB will market all retail and group products of Bajaj Allianz including savings, retirement, investment, protection and critical illness life insurance products through its 780 branches.

  10. Which company partnered with National Skill Development Corporation to enhance the digital skills of the country’s youth?
    1) Microsoft India
    2) Google India
    3) Facebook India
    4) IBM India
    5) SAP India
    Answer-1) Microsoft India
    The National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), a not-for-profit public limited company has joined hands with tech giant company Microsoft India Private Limited, a subsidiary of American software company Microsoft Corporation, to enhance the digital skills of the country’s youth. Under this, more than 1 lakh youth will be digitally enabled in the country in the next one year.

  11. Who was appointed as the brand ambassador of Luxury Ride?
    1) Alia Bhat
    2) Kareena Kapoor
    3) Sukhbir Singh
    4) Shreya Ghoshal
    5) Ranbir Kapoor
    Answer-3) Sukhbir Singh
    Luxury Ride has signed singer Sukhbir Singh as its brand ambassador. He will soon be seen in a full-fledged marketing campaign besides being leveraged across its upcoming brand and product communication initiatives.

  12. Which edition of “Ministerial on Climate Action (MoCA)” meet was attended by Union Environment minister Prakash Javadekar recently (event co-chaired by European Union, China and Canada)?
    1) 1st
    2) 8th
    3) 13th
    4) 4th
    5) 17th
    Answer-4) 4th
    The 4th edition of international meeting named “Ministerial on Climate Action (MoCA)” was held on July 7, 2020, which was co-chaired by European Union (EU), China and Canada. From India, Union Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Prakash Javadekar participated in meet. MoCA, which is held annually since 2017, was held virtually for the first time in view of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

  13. Bharat Dynamic limited has signed Licence Agreement and Transfer of Technology of _________ missile system with DRDO-DRDL.
    1) Prithvi
    2) Nirbhay
    3) Prahaar
    4) Dhanush
    5) Akash
    Answer-5) Akash
    Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) signed Licence Agreement and Transfer of Technology (LAToT) for Akash Missile Weapon System of Indian Army Variant with Defence Research and Development Organisation – Defence Research and Development Laboratory (DRDO – DRDL).

  14. Name the company which has developed India’s first machine ‘Compact XL’ to automate the manual processes of molecular diagnostic tests.
    1) Mylab
    2) Bione
    3) Seagull BioSolutions
    4) Bharat Biotech
    5) Biogenomics
    Answer-1) Mylab
    Mylab Discovery Solutions, Pune based molecular diagnostics company has launched ‘Compact XL’- India’s first machine to automate the manual processes of molecular diagnostic tests like RT-PCR test for COVID-19 on 7th July 2020. The machine was unveiled by Adar Poonawalla, CEO of Serum Institute of India (SII).

  15. What is the name of comet which was observed by NASA astronaut from International Space Station recently?
    1) Hale-Bopp
    2) Neowise
    3) Borrelly
    4) Halley’s
    5) Encke
    Answer-2) Neowise
    The images of the comet Neowise(C/2020 F3), were captured by NASA astronaut Bob Behnken from International Space Station (ISS) camera, which was discovered by the Neowise space telescope, short for the Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer(on March 27, 2020).

  16. Who has won the Formula One (F1) season opening Austrian grand prix?
    1) Lewis Hamilton
    2) Charles Leclerc
    3) Max Verstappen
    4) Valtteri Bottas
    5) Alexander Albon
    Answer-4) Valtteri Bottas
    Finland driver Valtteri Bottas with Mercedes won the Formula One (F1) season-opening Austrian Grand Prix (GP), surpassing his Mercedes team mate and Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton.

  17. Who has authored the book titled “Mahaveer: The Soldier who never died”?
    1) A.K. Srikumar
    2) Rupa Srikumar
    3) KrithikaSrikumar
    4) Both 1) and 2)
    5) Both 1) and 3)
    Answer-4) Both 1) and 2)
    The book, titled ‘Mahaveer: The Soldier who never died’ is authored by award winning author A.K. Srikumar and his wife, Rupa Srikumar. The book is a patriotic story about the courage and selfless love of Jaswant Singh Rawat who is one of the legendary Garhwali soldiers fought in Indo-Chinese battle of Nuranang in 1962. The book is published by Rupa Publications and represented by The Book Bakers.

  18. Name the state which has celebrated July 8 as RythuDinotsavam (Farmer’s Day).
    1) Punjab
    2) Madhya Pradesh
    3) Uttar Pradesh
    4) Telangana
    5) Andhra Pradesh
    Answer-5) Andhra Pradesh
    Andhra Pradesh celebrated RythuDinotsavam (Farmer’s Day) to mark the 71st birth anniversary of YS Rajasekhara Reddy, 14th Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. The first RuthuDinotsavam(Farmer’s Day) was celebrated on 8th July 2019.

  19. Which among the following has become India’s largest butterfly recently?
    1) Southern Birdwing
    2) Golden Birdwing
    3) Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing
    4) Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing
    5) Eastern Birdwing
    Answer-2) Golden Birdwing
    The Himalayan butterfly named “Golden Birdwing (Troidesaeacus)” has surpassed the “Southern Birdwing (Troidesminos)” after 88 years to become the largest butterfly in India. The female species of the Golden Birdwing has a wingspan of 194 mm that is 4 mm larger than that of the Southern Birdwing with 190 mm wingspan while the largest wingspan in the male species of the Golden Birdwing is 106 mm. The largest female Golden Birdwing’s forewing length is 90 mm.The new measurements of Golden Birdwing and 24 other species, are published in the latest issue of Bionotes.

  20. The new species of a fan-throated lizard, Sitanadharwarensis was discovered in which state?
    1) Telangana
    2) Arunachal Pradesh
    3) Karnataka
    4) Uttarakhand
    5) Meghalaya
    Answer-3) Karnataka
    A 3-member team has discovered a new species of a fan-throated lizard, Sitanadharwarensis, from the barren lands of northern Karnataka’s Bagalkot district. The study on the discovery was published in Bonn zoological Bulletin.

  21. The algae species Ancylonemanordenskioeldii is said to be the reason for the appearance of pink glacial ice in which mountain range?
    1) The Alps
    2) The Rockies
    3) The Atlas
    4) The Andes
    5) The Himalayas
    Answer-1) The Alps
    The plant, known as Ancylonemanordenskioeldii, is present in Greenland’s so-called Dark Zone, where the ice is also melting. Scientists in Italy are investigating the mysterious appearance of pink glacial ice in the Alps, caused by algae that accelerate the effects of climate change.

STATIC GK based on Current Affairs

  1. Where was the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) located?
    1) New Delhi
    2) Bengaluru
    3) Mumbai
    4) Chennai
    5) Kolkata
    Answer-2) Bengaluru
    Recently, scientists from the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA), Bengaluru have provided evidence for the first time that Lithium (Li) production is common among low mass Sun-like stars during their Helium (He) core burning phase. IIA is an autonomous institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India.

  2. Wankhar Butterfly Museum is located in which state?
    1) Telangana
    2) Arunachal Pradesh
    3) Karnataka
    4) Uttarakhand
    5) Meghalaya
    Answer-5) Meghalaya
    Himalayan butterfly known as Golden Birdwing (Troidesaeacus) has been discovered as India’s largest butterfly after 88 years.The female was recorded from Didihat in Uttarakhand, the male was from the Wankhar Butterfly Museum in Shillong, Meghalaya.

  3. Gairsain is the summer capital of which state?
    1) Haryana
    2) Arunachal Pradesh
    3) Assam
    4) Uttarakhand
    5) Mizoram
    Answer-4) Uttarakhand
    Gairsain town in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand was officially declared (recently)as the summer capital of the state.

  4. Who is the president of the Beijing based Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)?
    1) Andrey Kruglov
    2) Adel AlHosani
    3) Muhammad Aslam
    4) Dinanath Dubhashi
    5) Jin Liqun
    Answer-5) Jin Liqun
    JinLiqun is the present president of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank(AIIB). The HQ of AIIB located at Beijing, China.

  5. Who is the chancellor of Germany?
    1) Erna Solberg
    2) Angela Merkel
    3) Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
    4) Jacinda Ardern
    5) Sanna Marin
    Answer-2) Angela Merkel
    Angela Merkel is the present chancellor of Germany. The capital and currency of Germany are Berlin & Euro respectively.