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Current Affairs March 25 Quiz 2016

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Current Affairs March 2016 Quiz in Here we are creating quiz covering important event in Current Affairs, which is common for all the bank exams and other competitive exams.

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  1. Name the first women CM of Jammu & Kashmir?
    a) Mehbooba Mufti
    b) Vasundra Raje
    c) Nejma Heptullah
    d) Rubaiya Sayeed
    Answer: a) Mehbooba Mufti
    Explanation: Mehbooba Mufti was elected Chief Minister of J & K, after clearing the decks for government formation in the state. This decision is taken in the legislature party meet Chaired by Mahbooba at her official residence in Gupka

  2. Which state has inaugurated the first lift irrigation project in India?
    a) Punjab
    b) Haryana
    c) Andhra Pradesh
    d) Telengana
    Answer: c) Andhra Pradesh
    Explanation: Andhra government which is known for its innovations and use of technologies in various sectors has also become the first Indian state to implement lift irrigation

  3. The cabinet gave its approval to Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana. It is aimed at?
    a) Making Aadhaar card mandatory
    b) Providing houses to houseless people in rural areas
    c) Providing LPG connection to women of rural household
    d) Creating a bank account for all
    Answer: b) Providing houses to houseless people in rural areas
    Explanation: As announced by the president during his Presidential address in 2014 Independence Day speech, the Housing for all scheme-Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana has been approved by the cabinet

  4. Which North-eastern state has signed a pact with JICA for sustainable agriculture?
    a) Meghalaya
    b) Arunachal Pradesh
    c) Tripura
    d) Mizoram
    Answer: d) Mizoram
    Explanation: North-eastern state Mizoram and Japanese International Cooperative Agency signed pact on Capacity Enhancement for Sustainable Agriculture and Irrigation Development.

  5. BHEL has commissioned a thermal unit at Singareni project of Adilabad. What is the capacity of the unit installed?
    a) 500 MW
    b) 270 MW
    c) 300 MW
    d) 600 MW
    Answer: d) 600 MW
    Explanation: Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd has commissioned 600 MW for the State-owned Singareni Collieries, the second largest coal mining company

  6. US congress has passed a bill that will allow India to be a part of APEC. Where is the headquarters of APEC?
    a) Washington
    b) Tokyo
    c) Singapore
    d) Beijing
    Answer: C) Singapore
    Explanation: In a move to strengthen the ties between India and US, the US congress has passed the bill in senate which will allow India to be a member of APEC.It is headquartered in Singapore.

  7. Which Indian leader have been placed at 42nd position in the Fortune 50 leaders?
    a) Arvind Kejriwal
    b) Narendra Modi
    c) Arun Jaitley
    d) Sushma Swaraj
    Answer: a) Arvind Kejriwal
    Explanation: The man who brought change in the Indian politics heading the Capital of the nation, Arvind Kejriwal has been placed at 42nd position in the Fortune 50 leaders listed by Fortune magazine

  8. RTI bill has been passed in the parliament of which of the following countries?
    a) China
    b) Nepal
    c) Srilanka
    d) Bangladesh
    Answer: c) Srilanka
    Explanation: The long-awaited Sri Lankan Right to Information bill was presented to parliament on March 24, 2016 the day on which Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe turned 67.The five-member Right to Information Commission will be appointed by the President on the advice of the Constitutional Council and will comprise nominees of the Bar Association and organizations of publishers, editors and civil society

  9. Radovan Karozdic who is found guilty in the Bosnian war 1992-95 has been sentenced to imprisonment of how many years?
    a) Lifetime
    b) 50 years
    c) 30 years
    d) 40 years
    Answer: d) 40 years
    Explanation: Bosnian Serb-Radovan Karozdic convicted of genocide and war crimes in Bosnian war 1992-95 have been sentenced to 40 years of imprisonment

  10. Iran has signed an oil pact to develop the Azadegan oil field with which country?
    a) Japan
    b) UAE
    c) France
    d) Russia
    Answer: c) France
    Explanation: Iran has signed a confidential oil agreement with France total company to develop the Azadegan oil field.The Azadegan oil field has 2 billion barrels oil reserve

  11. The BMI research has projected India’s GDP growth for 2016-17 at?
    a) 8%
    b) 7.7%
    c) 7.4%
    d) 7.2%
    Answer: d) 7.2 %
    Explanation: The Indian economy which is a fast growing economy in the world has been projected at 7.2% by the BMI research. The growth has been speculated by various rated agencies across the world.

  12. DIPP has given its approval to raise the FDI in Insurance and Pension sector to 49%. Earlier the FDI limit was?
    a) 25%
    b) 26%
    c) 15%
    d) 29%
    Answer : b) 26%
    Explanation: The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) board have approved the liberalization in Insurance and pension sector. It has given its nod to 49% of FDI in the sector. Earlier, only up to 26% FDI was permitted through the automatic approval route

  13. Which country tops the world in terms of Internet speed as assessed by the Akamei technologies?
    a) USA
    b) South Korea
    c) Australia
    d) China
    Answer: b) South Korea
    Explanation: In an era of Internet, where the world’s functions greatly rely upon the connectivity. A report revealed by Akamei technologies places South Korea at the topmost position in terms of internet speed at 26.7 Mbps

  14. Which company has shut down its Artificial Intelligence Robot Tay?
    a) Microsoft
    b) Intel
    c) Google
    d) Apple
    Answer: a) Microsoft
    Explanation: Microsoft had shut its artificial intelligence robot Chat program-Tay which launched artificial intelligence powered bot on Twitter for a playful chat with people, closed within 24 hours.

  15. Identify the World War I era tug that was in news on 23 March 2016 after being discovered after 95 years.
    a) TOM Bennett
    b) Luzon US
    c) Maryann US
    d) USS Conestoga
    Answer: d) USS Conestoga
    Explanation: The US Navy ship which went missing was discovered after 95 years at the San Francisco coast.The USS Conestoga tug boat, which disappeared on March 25, 1921 after departing San Francisco on its way to Pearl Harbor in Hawaii has been found in 2016

  16. Identify the renowned Comedian, actor, writer and producer who died on 24 March 2016 in Santa Monica, the USA?
    a) Roger Rees
    b) Garry Shandling
    c) Fred Thompson
    d) Jerry Weintraub
    Answer: b) Garry Shandling
    Explanation: American actor and comedian Garry Shandling has died. He was 66. He was best known for his work inits Garry Shandling’s Show and The Larry Sanders Show

  17. What is the theme of International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade 2016 celebrated on 25 March 2016?
    a) Women and Slavery
    b) Africa: Out of Slavery
    c) Remember Slavery
    d) None of These
    Answer: c) Remember Slavery
    Explanation: Every year on March 25 the United Nations International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade is observed.The theme for the year 2016 is Remember Slavery: Celebrating the Heritage and Culture of the African Diaspora and its Roots.