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Current Affairs December 29 Quiz 2015

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Current Affairs December 2015 Quiz in Here we are creating quiz covering important event in Current Affairs, which is common for all the bank exams and other competitive exams.

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      1. Which of the following state Governor has written a song on “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” which would be pasted at the entrances of state government departments ?
        A.Rajasthan Governor – Kalyan Singh
        B.TN Governor – K. Rosaiah
        C.Goa Governor – Mridula Sinha
        D.Odisha Governor – S. C. Jamir
        Answer – C.Goa Governor – Mridula Sinha

      2. General Om Prakash Malhotra, who has been recently passed away was served as an Indian ambassador to which country ?
        Answer – D.Indonesia

      3. Which bank has announced the mobilisation of USD 5 billion towards its commitment to climate finance in India ?
        A.ICICI Bank
        B.Yes Bank
        C.Axis Bank
        D.HDFC Bank
        Answer – B.Yes Bank

      4. Civil Aviation Ministry has given clearance for four Greenfield airports out of which one will be set up at Gujrat for how much worth ?
        A.Rs. 1,838 crore
        B.Rs. 1,478 crore
        C.Rs. 1,738 crore
        D.Rs. 1,378 crore
        Answer – D.Rs. 1,378 crore

      5. Recently, which Ministerial Department has launched e-office by digitizing more than 12,000 files ?
        A.Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
        B.Ministry of Environment & Forests
        C.Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
        D.Ministry of Women and Child Development
        Answer – D.Ministry of Women and Child Development

      6. Union government is going to lift the subsidy on LPG cylinder for consumers whose annual income is above which of the following ?
        A.Rs 8 lakh
        B.Rs 15 lakh
        C.Rs 10 lakh
        D.Rs 12 lakh
        Answer – C.Rs 10 lakh

      7. Which State Govt will announce its 1st Medical Policy for providing subsidy to those who wish to set up new hospital in the state ?
        Answer – B.Gujarat

      8. The recently released Report of the Committee on Revisiting & Revitalizing the PPP Model of Infrastructure Development had been chaired by which of the following ?
        A.G N Bajpai
        B.P J Nayak
        C.V V Daga
        D.V. Kelkar
        Answer – D.V. Kelkar

      9. The 18th session of the India-Iran Joint Commission Meeting (JCM) was hosted by which of the following ?
        C.New Delhi
        Answer – C.New Delhi

      10. RBI has recently released a report on Medium-term Path on Financial Inclusion. The 14-member committee was headed by which of the following ?
        A.LK Jha
        B.GS Dahotre
        C.H R Khan
        D.Deepak Mohanty
        Answer – D.Deepak Mohanty

      11. Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) has appointed which of the following as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NITI Aayog ?
        A.V. K. Saraswat
        B.Bibek Debroy
        C.Amitabh Kant
        D.Sindhushree Khullar
        Answer – C.Amitabh Kant

      12. In women’s category (213kg), who has won gold in Senior National Weightlifting Championships that was held in Patiala ?
        A.Kavita Devi
        B.Rajwant Kaur
        C.Rakhi Haldar
        Answer – C.Rakhi Haldar

      13. As a part of HD earth observation project, which country has launched observation satellite “Gaofen-4” ?
        Answer – B.China

      14. Justin Langer is appointed as the temporary coach of which of the following Nation ?
        B.South Africa
        C.West Indies
        Answer – D.Australia

      15. Which domestic team has clinched the 14th season of Vijay Hazare 2015-16 Cricket Trophy ?
        C.Tamil Nadu
        Answer – B.Gujarat