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CSIR-CMERI, Durgapur Introduced COVID Protection System(COPS) with IntelliMAST, TouF & 360° Car Flusher for Workplace

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CSIR-CMERI,-Durgapur,-unveils-the-COVID-Protection-System-(COPS)-for-WorkplaceOn 17th July 2020, Dr. Harish Hirani, Director of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research – Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute(CSIR-CMERI), Durgapur introduced the COVID Protection System(COPS), a collection of technologies for workplace, which includes, contactless Solar Based Intelligent Mask Automated Dispensing Unit cum Thermal Scanner (IntelliMAST), Touchless Faucet (TouF) and 360° Car Flusher.

Aim of COPS:

To protect the security guards of organisations who are vulnerable to COVID-19 infection through infected individuals and contaminated objects.

Solar Based Intelligent Mask Automated Dispensing Unit cum Thermal Scanner (IntelliMAST):

The Solar Based IntelliMAST is an intelligent surveillance kiosk (small, Temporary stand-alone booth) used to check body temperature of a person and to identify whether the employee is wearing a face mask or not with customised software solutions.


The Solar Based IntelliMAST has an in-built thermal scanner to detect the probable rise in the body temperature through a forehead scanner and provides audio visual alert to the security guard.

The system uses Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Information Technology(IT) to provide real time results, synchronised with Human resource data of the organisation to support real time data response and dissemination of information.

Power supply:

i.The IntelliMAST is powered by Solar energy to ensure uninterrupted power supply in blackouts.

ii.A hybrid combination of solar power and electricity provides the 40-50 Watts requirements of the IntelliMAST.

Future updates:

The system will incorporate Facial Recognition and ID Card based Attendance System

Touchless Faucet(TouF):

i.Touchless Faucet(TouF) is a plug and play mode faucet for households and office spaces.

ii.The touchfree system dispenses liquid soap and water from the same faucet at an interval of 30 seconds.

iii.The power supply requirement of the system is 10 Watts.

360° Car Flusher:

i.360° Car Flusher is a Sodium Hypochlorite Water (Sanitizer Diffused water) Screen specialized nozzle design to achieve even spread over and under the car body and wheels with required water force and coverage.

ii.The frame and nozzle are optimised to ensure water efficiency and to reduce wastage of water.


The water channel frame has specialised nozzles which can be modified and customized based on the requirements of the organisations.

Power supply:

The pump requires 750 Watts to run.

Other developments:

Based on AI and IoT CSIR-CMERI is developing a Digital Entry Management System to provide automated workflow.

About CSIR-Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute(CMERI):
Director– Prof. (Dr.) Harish Hirani
Location– Durgapur, West Bengal 

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