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Countries to invest on Small & Medium scale farmers to address Nutrition disparity – IFAD Report

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To resolve the global issue of Nutrition disparity, Countries should invest more on nature-based farming and providing incentives to small & medium scale farmers will play critical role in reducing rural poverty & increasing nutrition security, as per the ‘Rural Development Report 2021’ released by United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), named “Transforming Food Systems for Rural Prosperity”.

i.Small-scale agriculture is directly linked with the livelihood of the majority of rural population across the globe, with over 31% of the World’s food being produced in farms sized up to 2-hectares.

ii.Governments across the globe shall provide support for small-scale farming activities such as storing, processing, marketing and food distribution.

iii.The report informs that around 37% of the global Greenhouse gas emission is caused by the food system.

iv.The report notes that, only through concrete measures taken by the governments, the global food system can be transformed.

Key Recommendation to Governments:

  • Farmers shall be rewarded with incentives for maintaining healthy soil & nature-based diet.
  • Implement Nature-based affordable digital technology solutions, to boost the production of rural small-scale farmer productions.
  • Promotion of climate-resilient low-carbon sustainable farming.
  • To Transform the food system into a circular resource based sustainable network.
  • Leveling of Agro-pricing systems with the actual cost of production.

About International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD):

President – Gilbert F. Houngbo
Established – 1977
Headquarter – Rome, Italy