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BoB Manipal Interview Experience shared by Poonam Choudhary

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Hi friends! Our reader Poonam shared interview experience that she had during BoB Manipal Interview. You can learn from her experience and find a way for yourself as well in the upcoming days.



Date – 08/11/2016

My interview was held at Jaipur and it starts at 1.30 PM

Interview questions are like…

Head– How’s you
I– I am fine sir

Head– just fine or good..
I— sir i am fine.

Head— so have you given any interview earlier as you r 2015 pass out.
I— yes sir, SBI PO

H—– okk so by how much marks u lost
I—- sir by .13

H— thats too close. so have u find out where u lack..
I —- yes sir , my GK part is not so good.

H– so what is your strength?
I—- sir Mathematics :-) dont know how it came to me. then i said sir
my analysis capacity is good. i do proper planning before work and do
work according to priority.

H2— you are very good in academics…
I— thank you sir.

H1— so what is your background
I— sir rural background

H1— no-no means what u have done
I— sir I have dual degree in engineering

H1— ok okk so what is your strength
I— told

H2- why u want to join bank despite having technical knowledge
I– sir i can work here for society with a good salary

H2— how can y beneficial for our bank
I— told but they were half satisfied

H2– how will u enhance bank business?
I— told they seems satisfied

H2— ok thank you
I— Thank you sir thank you maam

Came out do not know how it was
GD was taken after interview and the topic was is online shopping is
better or mortar n brick shopping is better

THANK YO Poonam for sharing your Interview Experience with us.