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Birds of 11 rare species found in Jharkhand

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Birds of 11 rare species have been found in Jharkhand during a survey of the water bodies. These species are deliberately to be extinct in the past.

Birds of 11 rare species found in Jharkhand

Key Highlights

  • The survey was carried out by the Jharkhand forest department.
  • The birds count around reservoirs and other water bodies which includes 25 dams, in the state is nearly about 71,134 as recorded by the Asian Bird Survey 2015.
  • The bird survey was carried out at the dams of Lotwa, Tilayia, Udhwa, Hatia, Getalsud, Patratu, Kanke, Khandoli, Topchanchi, Maithon, Panchet and Massanjore, apart from Tenughat, Konar, Budha, Gonda, Chandil, Dimna, Sitaram, Kansjore, Tapkara, Malay and dams located inside the Palamu Tiger Reserve.
  • Bar Headed Geese migratory birds from Mongolia were also identified by the survey team
  • The other species of migratory birds included White Necked Stork, Oriental White Ibis and Northern Shovele.
  • Forest officers have to take care of the arrangement in the dams to preserve and protect the avian fauna, particularly migratory birds.
  • Proper security arrangements for the birds around the dam should be done by the officers.
  • As per the Survey the Migratory birds are mostly visit the Massanjore Dam in Dumka which is recorded as 9,564, followed by Chandil at 7,896 and Udhav at 7,823 birds.
  • These extinct Birds are also sported at Tilaiya and Patratu dams with 6,460 and 5,821 bird populations respectively.
  • The population of the birds is reducing day by day due to high noise pollution, water pollution and the harmful radiation in the environment.