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Atal mission plans of 13 cities approved with outlay of 495 crores

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Ministry of urban development today approved the plan for 13 cities in 6 states under AMRUT (Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation) scheme for 2015-16. A committee chaired by Madhusudhan Prasad, Secretary of Urban Development has cleared approval worth 495 crores for 13 cities.

Key points

  • AMRUT scheme ensures water supply, sewage connections,Stormwater drains and promoting green spaces to all urban households in 500 mission citiesAMRUT
  • The six states which have got clearance include Assam, Jammu& Kashmir,Meghalaya, Tripura, Goa and Pondicherry
  • Under this scheme the central government will provide 425 crores assistance
  • Central government will bear 90% of the project cost in north-eastern states an J&K ,100% for Pondicherry and 50% in Goa
  • Of the total investments approved, Rs.201.86 crore will be spent for augmenting water supply,Rs.116.10 crores on sewage networks and Rs.85 crores to augment transport, Rs.77.37 crores on storm water drain projects and 14.69 crores for providing green spaces

Investment split up

  • Assam – water supply in Nagaon-79 crores, Dibrugarh- 46.51 crores, Silchar-43.2 crores and 40 crores in drainage management and green spaces at a cost of 4.73 crores
  • Jammu & Kashmir 50 crores in sewerage, 77 crores in drainage management, 15 crores in urban transport and 5 crores in green spaces
  • Meghalaya- 22 crores in septage management and 2 crores for green space
  • Tripura- 32.5 crores in water supply,12 crores in urban transport and 2 crores for green spaces
  • Goa-50 crores for urban transport, 7.38 for septage management and 4 crores in green spaces
  • Pondicherry– water supply at a cost of 5.76 crores, 3 crores for sewage and 47 lakhs on green spaces

Points to note

  • With these approvals totally 483 out of 500 mission cities have been given 20,491 crores for developing various basic amenities included in the scheme
  • Ministry of Urban development– Sanjay Rakesh