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Aptitude Questions: Percentage Set – 11

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Hello Aspirants. Welcome to Online Quantitative Aptitude Section Section with explanation in Here we are creating  question samples from Percentage with explanation, which is common for competitive exams. We have included some questions that are repeatedly asked in bank exams !!!

  1. In a class, 60% of the students are boys and in an examination, 80% of the girls scored more than 40 marks(Maximum Marks:150). If 60% of the total students scored more than 40 marks in the same exam, what is the fraction of the boys who scored 40 marks or less.
    Assume Total no of students = 100
    60% of the students are boys. so Boys=60,Girls=40
    No. of girls who scored more than 40 marks = 80% of girls = 80% of 40 = 32.
    No. of students who scored more than 40 marks = 60% of Total Students = 60
    Therefore No. of boys who scored more than 40 marks = 60-32=28
    No. of boys who scored less= Total boys – Boys(scored more) = 60-28=32
    Fraction=(scored less)/Total boys = 32/60 =8/15

  2. In an election 10% of the voters on the voters’ list did not cast votes and 60 voters cast their ballot papers blank. There were only two candidates. The winner was supported by 47% of all voters in the list and he got 308 votes more than his rival. The number of voters on the list was:
    A. 3600
    B. 6200
    C. 4575
    D. 6028
    B. 6200
    Let total number of voters= x
    People who voted for the winner are = 0.47x
    People who voted for the loser are = 0.47x-308
    People who cast blanks are = 60
    and people who did not vote are = 0.1x
    solve the following equation
    0.47x+0.47x-308+60+0.1x=x => x=6200

  3. Deepak was to get a 50% hike in his pay but the computer operator wrongly typed the figure as 80% and printed the new pay slip. He received this revised salary for three months before the organization realized the mistake. What percentage of his correct new salary will get in the fourth month, if the excess paid to him in the previous three months is to be deducted from his fourth month?
    A. 30%
    B. 40%
    C. 45%
    D. 25%
    B. 40%
    Assume Deepak’s salary =10000
    original hike(50%) amount = 5000 ; Revised salary =15000
    Wrongly typed(80%) hike amount = 8000
    Diff = 3000; For three months = 9000
    Fourth Month Salary = 15000-9000=6000
    15000*x/100 = 6000 => x=40%

  4. The prices of two articles are in the ratio 3 : 4. If the price of the first article be increased by 10% and that of the second by Rs. 4, the original ratio remains the same. The original price of the second article is
    A. Rs.40
    B. Rs.35
    C. Rs.10
    D. Rs.30
    A. Rs.40
    Let the price of two articles are 3X and 4X.
    After increment the ratio will be:
    110% of 3x/(4X+4) = 3/4
    Thus the CP of second article = 4X = 4*10 = Rs. 40.

  5. The ratio of the number of boys and girls in a school is 3:2. If 20% of the boys and 25% of the girls are scholarship holders, the percentage of the students who are not scholarship holders is
    A. 30%
    B. 60%
    C. 75%
    D. 78%
    D. 78%
    Consider Total no of students = 100
    Ratio is 3:2 i.e Boys=60 and Girls=40
    20% of boys who get scholarship = 60*20/100=12%
    25% of girls who get scholarship = 40*25/100 =10%
    Therefore % of students who do not get scholarship =100-(12+10) = 78%

  6. Sohan spends 23% of an amount of money on an insurance policy, 33% on food, 19% on children’s education and 16% on recreation. He deposits the remaining amount of Rs. 504 in bank. How much total amount did he spend on food and insurance policy together?
    A. Rs.3146
    B. Rs.3126
    C. Rs.3136
    D. Rs.3048
    C. Rs.3136
    Total amount = x
    [100 – (23 + 33 + 19 + 16 )]% = 9 %
    9% of x = 504
    => x = 504 * 100/9 = 5600
    Amount spend on food and insurance policy together = 56% of 5600 = Rs.3136

  7. Deepika went to a fruit shop with a certain amount of money. She retains 15% of her money for auto fare. She can buy either 40 apples or 70 oranges with that remaining amount. If she buys 35 oranges, how many more apples she can buy?
    A. 35
    B. 40
    C. 15
    D. 20
    D. 20
    Assume Total amount = Rs.100
    Auto fare= 15% of Total amount i.e Rs.15
    Now the amount is Rs.85
    Price of 70 oranges = Rs.85
    Price of 35 oranges = (85/70)*35 = Rs. 42.50
    Remaining amount to buy apples is =Rs. 42.50
    Price of 40 apples = Rs.85
    Price of X apples = Rs.42.50
    X=(85/42.5)*40 = 20 Apples

  8. The price of a car is Rs. 4,50,000. It was insured to 80% of its price. The car was damaged completely in an accident and the insurance company paid 90% of the insurance. What was the difference between the price of the car and the amount received?
    A. Rs.1,76,375
    B. Rs.3,24,000
    C. Rs.1,82,150
    D. Rs.1,26,000
    D. Rs.1,26,000 Explanation:
    4,50,000*( 80/100)*(90/100)= 324000
    450000 – 126000 = Rs.1,26,000

  9. The tank-full petrol in Arun’s motor-cycle last for 10 days. If he starts using 25% more every day, how many days will the tank-full petrol last?
    Assume – Arun’s motorcycle uses 1L per day and therefore tank’s Capacity = 10L.
    25% increased per day= 1+(25/100) = 5/4 ie. 1.25L per day
    Days = 10/1.25 = 8

  10. Last year there were 610 boys in a school. The number decreased by 20 percent this year. How many girls are there in the school if the number of girls is 175 percent of the total number of boys in the school this year ?
    A. 854
    B. 848
    C. 798
    D. 782
    A. 854
    No of boys in a school last year = 610
    No of boys in a school for this year
    No of girls =175/100 * 488=854

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