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9th BRICS summit at Xiamen, China

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The ninth BRCIS Summit is held from 3-5 September, 2017 in Xiamen, China. The participating countries are the five member nations – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The summit is hosted by China for the second time after the 2011 Summit.
About BRICS:

  1. BRICS is made up of China, Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa.
  2. The first BRIC Summit was held in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Since then, the Summit has become an annual event. Till date, eight summits have been held.
  3. 3. In December 2010, China, as the Chair,invited South Africa to join BRIC and attend the Summit in Sanya, China. BRIC expanded to include 5 countries and the acronym changed into BRICS.
  4. BRICS has become an important platform for cooperation among emerging markets and developing countries.

Logo and Theme of 2017 BRICS Summit:

  1. The theme of the 2017 BRICS Summit is“BRICS: Stronger Partnership for a Brighter Future”.

BRICS logo 2017

  1. Thelogoof the 2017 BRICS Summit resembles both full sails and a rotating earth, painted in 5 colors representing the 5 BRICS countries. The symbolism is two-fold: BRICS countries breaking the waves in the same boat towards a brighter future; and BRICS playing an important role in the global political and economic affairs. The Logo brings out the theme of the Summit “BRICS: Stronger Partnership for a Brighter Future”, and brims with the distinct marine culture of the host city Xiamen.

At the bottom are the English words BRICS 2017 CHINA and a red seal reading China, highlighting China’s BRICS Chairmanship for 2017. The seal is engraved in Big Seal Script or Dazhuan, an ancient Chinese calligraphic style, giving the logo a specific touch of the traditional Chinese culture.

Expectations of 2017 BRICS Summit Outlined by Mr.Xi Jinping (President of China):

  1. Deepen BRICS cooperation for common development
  2. Enhance global governance to jointly meet challenges
  3. Carry out people-to-people exchanges to support BRICS cooperation
  4. Make institutional improvements and build broader partnerships


China announced $80 million funding plan for BRICS:
On 4thSeptember, 2017 Chinese President Xi JinPing announced that China will give 500 million yuan ($76.4 million) for BRICS economic and technology cooperation plan, and another $4 million for projects at the BRICS countries’ New Development Bank.
Implement 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development; Building Broader Partnerships for Development” –PM Modi:
On 5th September 2017, Indian Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi suggested the following ten Noble Commitments tomake a better world:

1.Creating a Safer World: by organized and coordinated action on at least three issues: Counter Terrorism, Cyber Security and Disaster Management.
2.Creating a Greener World: by taking concerted action on countering Climate Change, through initiatives such as the International Solar Alliance.
3. Creating an Enabled World: by sharing and deploying suitable technologies to enhance efficiency, economy and effectiveness.
4. Creating an Inclusive World: by economic mainstreaming of our people including in the banking and financial system.
5. Creating a Digital World: by bridging the digital divide within and outside our economies.
6. Creating a Skilled World: by giving future-ready skills to millions of our youth.
7. Creating a Healthier World: by cooperating in research and development to eradicate diseases, and enabling affordable healthcare for all.
8. Creating an Equitable World: by providing equality of opportunity to all, particularly through gender equality.
9. Creating a Connected World: by enabling free flow of goods, persons and services.
10. Creating a Harmonious World: by promoting ideologies, practices, and heritage that are centered on peaceful coexistence and living in harmony with nature.
BRICS leaders sign four agreements on mutual cooperation:
On 4th September 2017, leaders of the BRICS countries signed four agreements on mutual cooperation. They are as follows:

  1. BRICS Action Agenda on Economic and Trade Cooperation
  2. BRICS Action Plan for Innovation Co-operation (2017-2020)
  3. Strategic Framework of BRICS Customs Cooperation
  4. Memorandum of Understanding between the BRICS Business Council and the New Development Bank on Strategic Cooperation
    Other Static Information:
  1. The President of Brazil is Mr.Michel Temer.
  2. The President of Russia is Mr.Vladimir Putin.
  3. The Prime Minister of India is Mr. Narendra Modi.
  4. The President of China is Mr.Xi Jinping.
  5. The President of South Africa is Mr. Jacob Zuma.