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IBPS PO V Interview Experience shared by Balaji.S

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Hi friends! Our reader Balaji shared interview experience that he had during IBPS PO V Interview. You can learn from his experience and find a way for yourself as well in the upcoming days.



IBPS PO V Interview Experience

  • Name: Balaji.S
  • Location: Tamilnadu
  • Venue: IOB Regional Office, Coimbatore
  • Date: 21/01/16
  • Panel: 2(4 males, 1 female)

While entering room,


Me: May I come in, Sir?

M3, M4: Yeah, Come in.

Me: Good afternoon mam and Good after sirs.

M2: Good afternoon, Balaji. Take your seat.

Me: Thank you, Sir.

M3: So, you are Mr. Balaji. Tell me, where did you complete your graduation?

Me:  I have completed my graduation in  XXXX University.

M2: Your major?

Me: EEE, sir.

M3: So, you have done your engineering two and half years ago. What are you doing at that time?

Me: Explained about my previous work experience. As I have worked in BPO which is a semi-voice call center.

M2: Tell me the name of your BPO and What’s your position and process of your BPO?

Me: Explained about my position and process of the BPO. (M2 & M3 clearly understood the process of the BPO)

M4: Sorry, Balaji. Can you please repeat it for me? First time I heard the word “Semi-voice processing”.

Me: Explained again and M4 didn’t get me. (Then M2 & M3 explained him and finally he got it)

M2: What did you studied in banking?

Me: Studied some basics of banking.

M2: Come on boy. All of you guys are saying, studied banking basics sir. I knew it is the safe answer. Tell me, which topic did u studied most?

Me: No reply for 5 seconds.

M3: What is banking ombudsman?

Me: Explained.

M2: Who controls banking ombudsman and who appoints banking ombudsman?

Me: Told.

M4: Do you know about Internal Banking Ombudsman?

Me: Sorry, I don’t know about it. (M4 explained about internal banking ombudsman.)

M2: Tell me the count of RBI’s regional office?

Me: I gave the wrong answer and the panel members were started to make fun of me.

M1: Central bank of India is called RBI. In the sense, Central bank of America is called?

Me: Federal Reserve Bank.

M1: Central bank of England?

Me: Bank of England.

M1: Central bank of China?

Me: Bank of China. But the answer is Peoples Bank of China :p

M1: Central bank of Singapore?

Me: Sorry sir, i don’t know.

M4: You escaped kid. I expect the answer Bank of Singapore from you. The panel members started laughing once again.

M2: What is the currency of England?

Me: Pound Sterling, sir.

M2: No. It’s Pound only. Sterling is the man who discovered Pound. Currency of America, China, Japan, Singapore and South Africa?

Me: Dollar, Yuan, Yen, Dollar and Rand.

M2: No dear. You have to add country’s name before. Dollar is used by USA and Singapore. But their currency value is different.

Me: OK sir. I will correct it next time.

M2: So, what is the currency of England?

Me: I knew it was Pound. But, I don’t know how to use country name before. After thinking, i said English Pound. Once again, panel members started laughing and I feel I am sitting like a joker in front of them.

M1: No, dear. It is Great Britain Pound.

M2: Shilling is the currency used by which country?

Me: Again, I gave the wrong answer. (M4 corrected my answer)

They were discussing with themselves for some seconds. Finally, head of the panel(M2) told me that, Balaji you are the person sitting like an interviewer, and we the people who are attending interview to you. Once again, they all are laughing at me. Finally, the panel members told me All the very best.

Me: Thank You so much sirs and Thank you mam.

F1 didn’t ask any questions to me. She was just staring at me or she might be the silent observer I think. M4 is the man who makes fun of me. M1 is the man who helped me a lot while i am answering.

My whole interview went like GD. I have faced so many cross questions. My whole interview was in Tamil only. Do well guys…

Thank You Balaji for sharing your Interview Experience with us.

All the Best :)