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World’s first artificial molecular pump developed

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Fraser Stoddart and his coworkers at Northwestern university have developed first man-made molecular pump capable of transporting key proteins to cells for functioning of it and can be used to power artificial muscles.New machine imitates the pumping mechanism of life sustaining proteins.

  • Proteins help in movement of small molecules around living cells to metabolise and store energy from food.
  • Energy that is stored in the pump will provide power to other artificial muscles and other molecular machines.
  • The chemical reactions give power to artificial pump and molecules are   driven step by step from low energy to high energy state by this power.
  • According to Fraser, the molecular pump developed by them  is radical chemistry, an simple method of transferring energy from molecule to molecule.
  • According to first author of the study, Chuyang Cheng,under normal circumstances the ring shaped molecule will repel another.
  • He also added that the artificial is able to siphon off some of the energy that changes hands during chemical reaction and pushes rings together.
  • Tiny molecular machine threads the rings around nanoscopic chain and sqeezes the rings together.
  • Currently the artificial molecular pump can  force only 2 rings together and in future around ten rings could be operated for storing more energy.
  • Artificial pump is a novel system designed using kinetic barriers which allows the molecules to flow upwards.
  • Energy stored in the pump to power artificial muscles have been proposed.


Northwestern University

  • It is a private research university with campuses in Evanston and Chicago in illinois,USA
  • Established in the year 1851.
  • President is Morton O Schapiro.
  • Founder is John Evans .
  • Notable alumni’s are Charlton Heston,John Cameron Mtchell, Warren Beatty,Ann-Margret etc.