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World Kidney Day was observed on March 12, 2020

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The World Kidney Day is observed on March 12, 2020 to raise awareness on the importance of kidneys to our health and also reduce the impact of kidney diseases, its associated health problems. This year marks the 15th Observance of World Kidney Day which is observed globally on second thursday of March every year since 2006.World Kidney dayTheme of the year 2020: Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere- from Prevention to Detection and Equitable access to care.

The theme conveys the increasing the burden of kidney diseases worldwide and to promote advanced kidney prevention in order to achieve Kidney health for everyone, everywhere.

Key Points:

i.World Kidney Day is jointly organised by The International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations (IFKF).

ii.The day focuses on empowerment of patients, educational campaigns, proper training of medical services & to inspire people to follow a healthier lifestyle to reduce the chances of being affected from kidney disease.

iii.Kidney disease is a non-communicable disease (NCD), which currently affects around 850 million people worldwide.

iv.According to the National Health Portal of India, nearly one in 10 people suffer from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) globally.

v.About CKD: The functions of the kidney are reduced & not able to filter the blood, which finally leads to dialysis or a transplant may be required, the main causes of the disease are diabetes and high blood pressure and other disorders.