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World Kidney Day 2023 – March 9

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World Kidney Day

World Kidney Day (WKD), a global campaign, is annually observed across the globe on the 2nd Thursday of March to encourage people about the importance of kidneys in maintaining overall health and to raise awareness of several kidney diseases.

World Kidney Day 2023 is observed on 9th March 2023.

  • World Kidney Day 2022 was observed on 10th March 2022.
  • World Kidney Day 2024 will be observed on 14th March 2024.

The theme of World Kidney Day 2023 is “Kidney Health for All- Preparing for the unexpected, supporting the vulnerable”.


The 2023 campaign aims to increase public awareness of catastrophic occurrences, whether they are natural or man-made, international or local, and how they affect persons with kidney disease whose access to appropriate diagnostic services, treatments, and care is hindered.


i. The International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and the International Federation of Kidney Foundation (IFKF) jointly proposed to establish the 2nd Thursday of March every year as World Kidney Day.

ii. WKD was 1st launched on 9 March 2006 and was fully inaugurated on 8 March 2007.

WKD 2023 Scientific Editorial:

The WKD joint Steering Committee published a Scientific Editorial titled “Kidney health for all: preparedness for the unexpected in supporting the vulnerable” to raise awareness and emphasise the WKD’s message.

  • The article will be published in various journals, including Kidney International.

i. Every year on the occasion of World Kidney Day, a scientific editorial is published.

ii. The papers are researches on scientifically relevant topics that are related to the campaign as a basis for the annual theme.

iii. Each editorial is written by Nephrologists (specialising in the care of kidneys) working for the campaign on a voluntary basis.

  • WKD 2023 Scientific Editorial was written by: Li-Li Hsiao, Kavya M. Shah, Adrian Liew, Dina Abdellatif, Alessandro Balducci, Agnes Haris, Latha A. Kumaraswamy, Vassilios Liakopoulos, Siu-Fai Lui, Ifeoma Ulasi and Robyn G. Langham.

Chronic Kidney Disease:

i. Kidney disease, or Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), is a condition that impairs the ability of the kidneys to properly filter blood.

  • Due to this, extra fluid and blood waste build up in the body and may result in various health issues like heart disease and stroke.

ii. CKD is a progressive loss in Kidney function over a period of months or years.

iii. Between 8% and 10% of adults have some form of kidney damage, and consequences from CKD claim millions of lives each year

Causes of CKD:

i. High blood pressure (hypertension) and diabetes are the most common causes of kidney disease.

ii. Inflammation (glomerulonephritis) and infections (pyelonephritis) are some other less common conditions.

iii. CKD can rarely be hereditary (such as polycystic disease) or the result of a longstanding blockage of the urinary system (such as enlarged prostate or kidney stones).

About the International Society of Nephrology (ISN):

President- Agnes Fogo
President Elect- Masaomi Nangaku
Headquarters- New Jersey, United States of America (US)
Establishment- 1960

About the International Federation of Kidney Foundation (IFKF):

President- Latha A Kumaraswami
President Elect- Allessandro Balducci
Headquarters- Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Establishment- 1999