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World Bamboo Day 2021 – September 18 

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World Bamboo Day (WBD) is annually observed across the globe on September 18th to create awareness about Bamboo, a non-wood forest product, which is considered Green Gold.The day also aims to promote the new cultivation of bamboo for new industries across the globe and ensure the sustainable utilization of bamboo.

  • The Message of WBD 2021 is “#PlantBamboo: It is Time to Plant Bamboo”. 
  • World Bamboo Organisation(WBO) has launched a new hashtag #PlantBamboo to mark WBD 2021.

Note: September 18th is also observed as the Royal Thai Forestry Day. 


i.The World Bamboo day was initiated by Kamesh Salam from Assam, India, during his tenure as the President of the World Bamboo Organisation(WBO) from 2007 to 2009.

ii.In 2009, the WBO organised the VIII World Bamboo Congress in Bangkok with the support of the Royal Forest Department of Thailand.

iii.On 18th September 2009, the last day of the VIII World Bamboo Congress, WBO along with the participants of the congress proclaimed the 18th September of every year starting from 2009 as World Bamboo Day.

iv.The first-ever World Bamboo Day was observed on 18th September 2009.


i.Bamboo is native to Africa, Asia, South America, North America and Australia.China, the largest producer and exporter of bamboo, accounts for around 65% of the export of bamboo and rattan products, India contributes around 2% of the global supply.

ii.There are more than 35 million hectares of bamboo around the world.

Bamboo in India:

i.The Indian Forest Act 1927 defined bamboo as a tree and prohibited cutting from outside forests and transporting it.

ii.Following the amendment of Section 2(7) of the Indian Forest Act 1927, bamboo is no longer a tree and felled bamboo too is not timber.

About World Bamboo Organization:
Founder & Executive Director– Susanne Lucas
Headquarters– Antwerp, Belgium.