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US and Russia enter into a New deal to stop Bloodshed in Syria

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Syria which has been continuously under coverage because of its internal warfare and outraged terrorist activities is again in flashlight following an agreement by US and Russia to ceasefire in Syria. This New deal came as a joint statement from US and Russia. However this ceasefire excludes Islamic state, al-Nusra Front and the other deemed terrorist groups.

Present scenario

  • The Syrian army is now backed by Moscow, Iran and fighters from Lebanon’s Hezbollah. Ranged against them are rebels supported by the United States, Turkey and Saudi Arabia
  • Around 4,70,000 of the Syrians have been killed in the civil war so far which is approximately 2% of the population
  • Besides this Syrians are suffering from starvations, extreme poverty especially in Aleppo region

Importance of the deal

  • The two superpowers standing in opposite fronts agree to ceasefire in Syria
  • The cessation of hostilities will come into existence from February 27 midnight following the agreement being accepted by the Syrian government, the Syrian Turks and the opposition army supported by Saudi ArabiaUS and Russia
  • It will pave way to end the 5 year long civil war in Syria
  • The ceasefire not only ceases the use of weapons and gain of territory but also to permit the humanitarian needs to the areas under their control
  • The ceasefire would also reduce pressure on the Turkish border where Aleppo which is known to be haunted by al-Nusra Front is present
  • Any violation of the ceasefire can be reported on special hotlines managed by both superpowers
  • However few critics allege that exclusion of Air attacks on ISIS and al-Nusra Front can probably be misused as a chance to attack the opposition militants
  • With this New Deal, Assad the president of Syria has called for elections by April 13

Points to note

  • The new deal was decided following a Peace talk on Syrian issues held at Munich last Thursday(February 18)
  • Syrian President– Bashar al-Assad
  • US secretary of state– John Kerry
  • Syria’s capital– Damascus