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India-The Major importer of Arms in the world

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A Report released by the SIPIR (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) clearly places India in the topmost position of Arms import in the world between 2011-2015. India’s imports account for 14% of the world’s total imports.

FlashpointsIndia Top

  • India is followed by China in the row making it as the second largest importer with 7% and then Australia (3.6%), Pakistan (3.3%), Vietnam (2.9%) and South Korea (2.6%)
  • India’s imports have been increased by 90% in the year 2011-15 compared to 2006-10
  • India’s imports is thrice as that of China and Pakistan
  • Major suppliers include US(12%),Israel(7%) and predominantly Russia which supplies 70% of India’s weapon needs
  • India had spent $120 billion for Arm imports in the last 15 years

China’s strong DIB

  • In the early 2000’s China was the leading importer but now it has strengthened its Indigenous Defence base
  • The imports of China has fallen by 25% in the last 5 years
  • China also becomes the third largest exporter of Arms after Russia and US contributing 5% of the total export
  • The major importers of China include Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar

Key points

  • The rise of imports indicate the failure of strong Indigenous Defence Base in India
  • Defence minister Manohar Parikkar hopes that the DPP(Defence Procurement Procedure) will help to bolster the Indigenous defence base of India
  • DPP proposed a model called IDDM(Indigenous Design, Development and Manufacturing)
  • This will encourage the private firms to take up Defence projects under strategic partnerships ranging from Aircraft and Warships to Guided missile systems