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Union Government reorganises six Committees of Cabinet

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After the recent ministry reshuffle On September 11,2017 the Union Government has reorganised six Committees of the Cabinet.
i.Defence minister Nirmala sitharaman and Railway ministerPiyush whose portfolios was recently elevated were inducted in Cabinet Committee on Political affairs(CCPA).
ii. Nirmala sitharaman , Piyush  ,Minister for Petroleum and Natural GasDharmendra Pradhan were also included as permanent members of the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA).
What are Cabinet Committees?
i.They are extra constitutional bodies (i.e.) It don’t find a mention in our constitution. Their establishment is provided in Rules of procedure.ii) There are two types of cabinet committees ,adhoc(temporary) and permanent .
ii. They are set up by Prime Minister according to the time and requirements of the situation. They are mostly headed by Prime Minister.
iii. They are an organisational device to reduce the enormous workload of the cabinet. They also facilitate in depth examination of policy issues and effective co-ordination .
The six Committees of the Cabinet: –
i)Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC): It is responsible for all appointments of higher ranks in the Central Secretariat, Public Enterprises, Public Enterprises and Financial Institutions. It is headed by Prime minister.

ii)Cabinet Committee on Accommodation (CCA): It is responsible for the allotment of accommodation for various top positions in the Government of India. It is headed by Home minister

iii)Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA): It deals with the activities pertaining to the economics of the country. It is headed by Prime Minister.

iv)Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs (CCPA): looks after the progress of government business in the Parliament of India. It is headed by Home minister

v)Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs (CCPA): It is responsible for all issues related to domestic and foreign affairs. It is most powerful cabinet committee. It is often referred as ‘super cabinet’. It is headed by Prime minister

vi)Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS): It is one of the most important committees in India, it looks into the matters of defence expenditures and National security. It is headed by Prime Minister