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UD Ministry Clears First Batch of AMRUT Projects in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan

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The Ministry of Urban Development has approved the first batch of state level Action Plans under Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT).

Amrut Project

AMRUT Aim : Enabling water supply as per the norm and providing water supply and sewerage connections to all urban households.

On 21st October 2015 the inter-ministerial Apex Committee of AMRUT cleared plans worth Rs.2,786.28 cr in this regard for 89 cities in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan The committee is chaired by Shri Madhusudhan Prasad, Secretary(Urban Development).

It is the first time that the Urban Development Ministry approved state level.

The approved action plan includes 143 projects in 89 AMRUT cities in the three states.In this the 47 schemes is related to ensuring water supply connections and augmenting water supply ,31 projects is related to expanding sewerage network services in identified cities and towns.And the rest of them are related to  storm water drains, urban transport and green spaces and parks.

Sewage Project allotted amount – Rs.1,471.07cr
Water supply related schemes amount – Rs.1,225 cr

The Apex Committee of AMRUT approved State Annual Action Plans (SAAP) for the three states for the year 2015 – 16.

Gujarat under the SAAP

    • Proposed Amount –  Rs.1,204.42cr
    • Approved amount  for Sewerage projects in 25 AMRUT cities –  Rs.916 cr
    • Approved amount  for water supply schemes in 11 cities  – Rs.233.65 cr

Rajasthan Under the SAAP

    • Proposed amount : Rs.919 cr
    • Approved amount for sewerage schemes in 6 cities – Rs.555 cr
    • Approved amount for water supply projects in 10 cities  – Rs.344 cr.

Andhra Pradesh Under the SAAP

  • Proposed Amount : Rs.662.86 cr.
  • Approved amount for water supply in 26 AMRUT cities –  Rs.646.29 cr
  • Approved amount for provision of green spaces & parks in 30 cities – Rs.16.57 cr.

First installment of central assistance of Rs.118.03 cr for Gujarat, Rs.91.90 for Rajasthan and Rs.66.29 for Andhra Pradesh under Atal Mission will be released shortly.

Central assistance for the approved projects in 3 states comes to Rs.1,356.23 cr.

SAAP of each state is an integration of all city level Service Level Improvement Plans (SLIP) of all Atal Mission cities in respective states.

City level SLIP is formulated based on detailed assessment of gaps in the availability of infrastructure pertaining to water supply, sewerage network services, storm water drains, urban transport etc.

Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan will also undertake capacity building of urban local bodies at a cost of Rs.22.23 cr.