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Telecom Operators Asked To Not Exceed 2% Limit On Call Drops By Supreme Court

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A Supreme Court Bench headed by Justice Kurian Joseph asked the Telecos to not to exceed the call drops limit over 2% and no penalty will be levied on them until they don’t cross this threshold.


The TRAI regulation

It has been mandated the Telecos to pay subscribers Re 1 for every call drop they experience on their network, subject to a cap of three call drops a day, starting from January 1, 2016.


  • The call drops are beyond the control of the service providers and happen due to a host of external consideration not attributable to them.
  • In fact, 36% of the call drops were consumer related.
  • A TRAI study hardly blames service providers with just about 7 per cent liability for “abnormal network response”, whereas over 50 per cent faults are due to radio waves’ failure.

Possible Reasons for Call Drops:

  • Mobile phones from the grey market are largely responsible for call drops and service providers have no control over this
  • Paucity of airwaves (spectrum)
  • Large number of service providers and consumers
  • Damage to underground optical fibre lines due to digging