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Sweden best country in the world, India ranks 70th: Report

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Sweden raised its standard by acclaiming best country in World which is named in the ‘Good Country’ 2015 index.

The qualities of the countries are:sweden

  • Good Charitable Service
  • Volunteer service in humanity
  • India positioned at the 70th position among 163 nations
  • Sweden selected as the best country in the world in the basis of voting system
  • It comes under the category of contribution in welfare of people and altruistic service

Reasons for Sweden in ‘Good Country’ 2015 index:

  • Overall contribution towards global development
  • Improved version of economy
  • Providing less threats when compared to other countries
  • Benefaction towards service in science, cultural development , peace, security , weather change, health and equality.

Top ten best countries:

FinlandCanadaFranceAustriaNew Zealand

Libya was ranked as the least “good” country in the world:

India’s best ranking of 27 in International peace and security whereas poor ranking of 124 in prosperity and equality category

Other Rankings:

Health and Hygiene37
Science and Technology62
Culture Development119
Climatic conditions106
World Order100

Founder of the Biannual Index: Simon Anholt

He is a British government adviser led the ways for development and cooperation among the countries.

Ireland had topped the first Good Country Index in 2014