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IIT Kharagpur Research suggests Indus Valley Civilization is 8000 years old

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  • The rise of the post-Neolithic Bronze Age Harappan civilization 5700 – 3300 years indusbefore along with the Indus Valley
  • In the Indian subcontinent the major centers of this civilization include Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro in Pakistan and Lothal, Dholavira and Kalibangan in India
  • Many archaeologists believe that weakening of the summer monsoon after 5000 years and a major drought around 4200 years throughout the Asia were the reason behind the Harappan collapse

Researchers Involved from: 

  • Indian Institute of Kharagpur
  • Institute Archaeology
  • Deccan College Pune
  • Physical Research laboratory
  • Archaeological survey of India

Key Aspects:

  • Researchers explained that civilization was much older than about to 8th millennium
  • Climatic conditions was the main reason ofHarappan collapse
  • Research came from excavated site of Bhirrana, Haryana that depicts preservation of all cultural levels of Pre-HarappanHakra phase through Early Mature Harappan to mature Harappan time

Earlier Phases are identified by:

Countryside and early village farming communities

Mature Harappan time is recognized by:

  • Urbanized with several organized cities
  • Developed material and craft culture

The late Harappan phase witnessed:

  • Large scale de-urbanization
  • Population decrease
  • Abandonment of many established settlements
  • Lack of basic amenities, interpersonal violence
  • Disappearance of Harappan script

About Bhirrana:

High concentration of settlements along the Vedic river valley ‘Saraswati’, an extension of Ghaggarriver in the Thar Desert

Technique Used:

Researchers dated potteries of Early Mature Harappan time by a technique called optically stimulated luminescence (OSL)