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Haryana govt Launched ‘Swadhar Greh’ Scheme for Women

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Haryana Government gave permission for the scheme Swadhar Greh .
Aim : Assure  economic and social security to women  in difficult circumstances.

Swadhar Greh Scheme

The scheme will provide basic amenities such as shelter, food, clothing and health along with economic and social security to women in distress.Also, the scheme will make sure that the special needs of these women are taken care of.

In this scheme each district will set up a house with a capacity of 30 women..There they will get food,cloth ,medical treatment and care for those who are in distress.This scheme will help them to gain their emotional strength and also provide them with legal aid and guidance to enable them to take steps for their readjustment in family or society.

It also act as a support system which understands and meets various requirements of women in distress by rehabilitating  them economically and emotionally.This benefit is available to women above 18 years of age.

This scheme cover women in situations like deserted women,survivors of natural disaster,prisoners released from jail without family,victims of domestic violence ,women facing litigation on account of marital disputes ,women affected by HIV/AIDS etc.

Period of stay in the women’s house :

  • Women Affected by Domestic violence – upto one year
  • Other Category – upto 3 years
  • Women above 55 age – Maximum 5 years \.

This facilities could also be availed by the children accompanying these women. Girls up to the age of 18 years and boys up to the age of eight years would be allowed to stay in the Swadhar Greh with their mothers.