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Social Progress Index (SPI) Rankings

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Social progress index (SPI) rankings were released on 133 countries based on indicators like health, sanitation, water, personal freedom and other social and environmental indicators. India secured the 101st spot, lower than the 93rd spot for GDP per capital income. Norway claimed the first spot while US secured the 16th position.

With indicator Tolerance and inclusion, India ranked 128th position and with Health and Wellness parameter it secured 120th position.

The top five positions of the SPI rankings were secured by Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Iceland and New Zealand respectively.

Knowledge is Wealth

  • India ranked 102nd position on Social Development Index out of 132 countries. Social Development Index is based on three factors namely basic human needs, opportunities and foundation for well-being.
  • Social Progress Index Ratings excludes the economic parameter while takes into consideration of social and environmental concern parameters only.
  • India ranks below than the neighbouring countries Nepal and Bangladesh on Social Progress Index Ratings.