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Singapore & USA Become the Biggest FDI Sources for India During April-September 2020: DPIIT’s FDI Statistics

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US second biggest FDI source for India during Apr-Sep 2020The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade( DPIIT)’s in its Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) data, has listed out the top investing countries FDI(Foreign Direct Investment) equity inflows in India during April-September 2020. Singapore has invested Rs 62,084 crore(USD 8.30 billion) into India, which makes it the biggest source of FDI into India. The USA(United States of America) becomes the second biggest source of FDI into India by investing Rs 53,266 crore(USD 7.12 billion) .

Note– USA overtakes Mauritius which was in the 2nd rank during the 1st half of the  current financial year(2020-21).


i.Cayman Island is ranked in 3rd position with the investment of Rs 15, 672 crore, followed by Mauritius(Rs 15,019 crore).

ii.The other top investors include, Netherlands(Rs 11,306 crore), United Kingdom(UK)-Rs 10,155 crore, France(Rs 8,494 crore), Japan(Rs 4,932 crore),Germany (Rs 1,498 crore), Cyprus (Rs 355 crore).

Top Investing Countries in India During April-September 2020

RankCountryAmount Invested in Rs(Crore)
1 SingaporeRs 62,084
2USA(United States of America)Rs 53,266
3Cayman IslandRs 15, 672

Sectors that Attract high investment

i.Computer software and hardware sector has received Rs 131,169 crore investment and has become the most FDI equity inflows.

ii.This followed by Rs 16,995 crore worth inflows into the services sector, and then trading with Rs 7,140 crore worth inflows.

States/UTs attracting highest FDI equity inflows

i.Among states, the highest recipient of FDI inflows so far in the 2nd Quarter(April-September) of FY21 has been Gujarat with Rs 1.19 lakh crore worth inflows. Karnataka received 27458 crore and Maharashtra received Rs 27,143 crore of FDI inflows while Delhi clocked in at Rs 19,863 crore.

ii.Gujarat has been the major beneficiary state of the FDI Equity inflows, during October, 2019 to September, 2020, on receiving Rs 1,38,530 crore

iii.The list is followed by Maharashtra(Rs 79,216 crore) and Karnataka(Rs 58,204 crore).

Key Info about FDI equity inflows:

i.During April-September 2020, India has attracted Rs 224,613 crore(USD30,004 million)  FDI, which is 23% more than the FDI during April-September 2019. In case of US terms, it is 15% more than last year.

ii.During the second quarter of financial year 2020-21 (July, 2020 to September, 2020), the total FDI inflows into India have been USD 28,102 million, out of which FDI equity inflows were USD 23,441 million or Rs. 174,793 crore.

iii.In August 2020, India has attracted USD 17,487 Million FDI equity inflows.

FDI Equity Inflows During April 2000-September 2020:

  • India has attracted Rs 2,957,057 crore.
  • The maximum FDI Equity inflows have been reported from  Mauritius(Rs 810,960 crore), followed by Singapore(Rs 671,646 crore) and the USA(Rs 229,488 crore).
  • The service sector accounts for 17% of the  total inflows into India.

Recent Related News:

i.In accordance with the India’s International Investment Position (IIP) data as at end-March 2020, released by Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the country has raised by $19 billion while portfolio investment declined by $13.7 billion during 2019-20.

ii.In accordance with the “World Investment Report 2020” by United Nation’s (UN) trade body, the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), India has become the 9th largest recipient of foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2019 after receiving $51 billion last year.

About Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT):

It is a central government department under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
Secretary  – Guruprasad Mohapatra

About the Ministry of Commerce and Industry:
Union Minister– Piyush Goyal(Constituency- Rajya Sabha, Maharashtra)
Minister of State(MoS)– Hardeep Singh Puri, Som Parkash