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SIDBI Grade A Manager Interview Experience shared by Zahid

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Hi friends! Our reader Zahid shared interview experience that he had during SIDBI Grade A Manager Interview. You can learn from his experience and find a way for yourself as well in the upcoming days.



IBPS PO V Interview Experience

Venue – Sidbi Tower Lucknow
Date – 11/03/16
Reporting Time -12:30 PM

4 Panel Members (One Female & 3 Male). Interview was taken through video conference.

M1 welcomed me and asked me to sit..He has some problem in pronouncing my name so I corrected him.
M1: tell me something about yourself?
me: told about my graduation, family , hobbies and city which i belong.
M1: So pilibhit was in news sometime ago what was the reason behind it?
me: it was because of the tiger reserve and eco tourism spot.
M1; Do you have any rrb in pilibhit?
me: I said aryavrat bank ( I bluffed)
M1: which bank is the sponcer bank for aryavrat bank and why aryavrat bank was in news some days ago?
me; Sorry sir I dont know. he told me the right answer.
M1: tell me some schemes run by government for the minority welfare?
me: Nayi manzil scheme for the skill development of minorities.
M1: which communities are included in minorities?
me: buddhists, jains, parsis, sikhs… he interrupted me saying all the communities except hindus. Then he asked some questions about my city and my fathers occupation.
M2: So you have done B pharma. why banking after b pharma?
me: I told about stability, growth and security in banking sector and that i was always attracted towards govt jobs.
M2: then why not govt jobs in your pharmacy field?
me: sir because there opportunities are limited and govt recruitments are under state govt and there is less transparency in that.
M2: Ok then you must have studied some fundamentals of banking. Tell me about the classification of NBFCs
me: told
M2: Tell me about development banks?
me: Told about SIDBI, NABARD NHB EXIM etc
M3: How you will be useful to us?
me: Sir being a pharmacy graduate we are taught to give proper counselling to patients and ensure their compliance. I can apply that on customers also. More over sidbi works for the betterment of msme sector and it also provide guidance to them there are many pharma and healthcare firms in msme sector so I can utillize my skill there.
M3: So you will be looking only pharma enterprises?
me: No sir, I can also handle all the responsibilities which will be offered to me. I am a quick learner and i will never disappoint you.
F1: so you are a pharma graduate. it is a paramedical course. You have got a decent percentage then why not going for pg?
me: I m the eldest child of my parents so there are some responsibilities over me. I have to lead the way so my younger brothers can follow. And there is also a kind of saturation in pharmacy sector.
F1: Ok so how have you equipped yourself for the banking sector?
me: I have studied all the fundamentals of banking and finance and I am constantly working on it.
F1: Ok then tell me that what you will see before sanctioning a loan to a customer?
me: told about credit rating and all but she didnt looked convinced.
F1: There is a gap in your studies after your intermediate , what is the reason behind that?
me: I was preparing for medical entrance examinations. Actually my father is a doctor so he wanted to see me as his successor. Thats why I wasted time preparing for pmt.
F1: Have you cleared any other exam?
me: Yes mam I have cleared syndicate pgdbf but this is my first job interview. I have also cleared ssc and some state govt exams but not selected in final round.
She passed me to M3 and M3 was the oldest of them all. He had south Indian accent of english so it was difficult for me to figure out what he was saying.
M3: Tell me about IIP. what is it?
I thought he is asking CPI so I started telling about Cpi and wpi.
He stopped me and again asked IIP.
me: sorry sir I dont have any idea about IIP.
M3: Its Industrial Index of Production. Now tell me what it is?
me: thank you sir for telling me but still i cant explain it.
M3: Dont you read newspapers?
me: I do sir.
M3: then you must be knowing what it is. This term is repeated in every 10 15 days in newspaper. You dont read newspaper properly.
Then he asked me some questions about functions of SIDBI.

It lasted for about 20 minutes and there was a lag of about 1 second due to video conferencing. Overall it was an avg experience. hoping for the best. Thank you

THANK YOU Zahid for sharing your Interview Experience with us.

All the Best  :)