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SIDBI Grade A Manager Interview Experience shared by Milind Pallai

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Hi friends! Our reader Milind shared interview experience that he had during SIDBI Grade A Manager Interview. You can learn from his experience and find a way for yourself as well in the upcoming days.



IBPS PO V Interview Experience

Venue– SIDBI MSME International Training Institute(SITI), Bhubaneswar
Reporting Time-12:30 PM

4 Panel Members( One Female & 3 Male) from Lucknow HQ. Interview was taken through video conference.
Conversation went mostly in Hindi.

Questions asked:

  1. Where are you from? (My Answer-Kendrapada).
  2. Why there are many places in your state whose end ones are “Pada”?
  3. Then why also there are so many places whose end ones are “Put” like Koraput etc?
  4. Tell us about your background?
  5. I am a 2014 pass out, So asked what you were doing these 2 years?
  6. Where were you working & Why you left it?? Also asked if they were paying you well or not?
  7. You can also prepare with engaged in previous job, then why you left?
  8. So you are a civil engineer. How can your subject help us in SIDBI?
  9. Why your branch is called “Civil Engineering” but you can see there is an electrical engineering? Why it is “Civil” ?
  10. What is RCC? Why is it used?
  11. So you were Site engineer, How many types of treatment are there when there is a failure in roof?
  12. What are the functions of SIDBI?
  13. Is there any other financial institution which is concerned about MSME sector?
  14. Why MUDRA was in news during budget?
  15. Tell us 2/3 points from recent budget?
  16. What are your strengths?
  17. Can you judge our pshycology sitting far away in Bhubaneswar as we are here in Lucknow?
  18. Who are the famous personalities in bollywood with your name? I answered, Have you heard of someone who is associated with music with your name?? I answered Anand Milind, Have you heard his songs?

Ok Thank You, All the Best.

So It was a conversation of 15 minutes around.
Panel members were very co-operative and at the interview venue, the officials were very supportive and they were constantly motivating us.

Thank you All & All the best to all of you.

THANK YOU Milind for sharing your Interview Experience with us.

All the Best  :)