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Share Your Notes & Win Rewards – Nov 8 2015

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Dear Aspirants,

AffairsCloud is now on an exclusive mission to make the E-learning-process more interesting than ever before.

From today onwards we are going to make a thorough check on every handnotes that you are sharing with us regarding tips & tricks(including short-cuts & memory tips) on any topics relating to Current Affairs,General Knowledge, Quant, Reasoning and English, on daily basis.

Note Sharing

We’ll evaluate the content you have been sharing and choose the best 3 handnotes out of all handnotes we receive from all the users and announce the winners on Next day’s Hand Note post. But the reward will be given at the end of the month to the winners.

Participation time: 6 – 12PM

Basis of Selecting the winners:

We consider two factors ,

  1. Likes-count for your handnotes &
  2. Degree of uniqueness of the content

Note: These factors may change at any time, as per your Feedback & Problems we face.

Prize money:

  • 1st prize Rs.50 per a day
  • 2nd prize Rs.25 per a day
  • 3rd prize Rs.10 per a day

Mode of Payment:

We’ll pay via NEFT Transfer & Gift cards (On Amazon & Flipkart)

For example,

        If you are selected for 1st prize for 5 times in a month, we’ll reward you with Rs50*5 times=Rs250 at the month ending. You can choose the mode of payment i.e any one of the above mentioned mode.

Our Motto is to impart  knowledge in the best possible way.

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  • You can share as many number of handnotes as you wish, per a day.
  • Content should not be copied from any site.
  • Arguing and bargaining over selection process is strictly prohibited.
  • Please don’t chit chat with one another, If you have any quiery plz contact us