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SBI PO Interview Experience

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Hi friends! One of our readers has shared his interview experience that he had during SBI PO Interview. You can learn from her experience and find a way for yourself as well in the upcoming days.


IBPS PO V Interview Experience

Venue – Noida
Date – 02/09/16
Time – 12:00 Noon

GD topic- Election , Exercise of Money or Democracy
Second one was we were given a A4 form with a topic : Prioritisation of steps saving Oil consumpsion. ( total 8 points was there and we hv to arange and express our veiws y u think so)
 the whole process ended by 3:40
for Interview  hv to wait, my turn came by 5:30, i was sec last
5 Member( 1 female, 4 male)
Q1. Are u nervious Mr.?
Ans- No, Sir i am exicted, I was waiting for this moment.
Q2.So , u worked in this IT firm and y u left ? what was ur work there ?
Ans- explained, but intrupted by them as: are nai aisa nai hai apne Mr. X ka bhi larka isi mein hai, aur inke col se hi hai year bhi same hai na Sir(looking towards Mr.X )
and they were discusing among themself fr atleast 5 min on this topic , ki nai nai sahi kiya chor ke waha growth nai hai mera wala bhi chor ker kahi aur apply ker raha hai ,….gov mein aya hai acha kiya…nai nai laga hua job chor ker aya hai galti kiya,,,
I was just listing them and Smiling
Q3. have u heared abt CBIL? can u tell what’s his role?
Ans: gave
Q4.Now a days there is  hyep of this reliance jio thing what is all about?
Ans: expalined ( thank u for sharing those info DUKE/ paras, maine toh pura plan tariif k sath explain kiya unko),
Q5: ohh it seems u hv a deep knowledge of it, is anyone work in reliance from ur family/friend circle? tell us abut ur family? 
Ans: No, no one works  in relaincee, and gave a brief
Q6: what and all places u visited, u travelled a lot share ur some exp?
Ans : Almost gave all details of the places i visirted, One member bas kijiye pura bharat darsahn aaj hi hoga kya . all were laughfing.
Q7: wt is curent rates, explain all?
Ans sorry sir curent rate, i m hearing 1st time, lady said we are asking abt bank rate repo rate, did u hear this before,
       I apologises and smiled and gave them all CRR, RR,rev RR, with definiton,
All Shubhra maam notes
Q8: lady maam asked me: so u already working in this bank, if made in the final list will u left them? i future if u get some good bank u will left us too?
Q9: lady maam again asked me: So suppose this is a case u were posted in remote village somewhere in naxalite area, in morning itself u have been attacked by them in bank , how will u handle this?
Ans: I said will take care of safety as 1st priority and directly give them money or location where is it…. Becz agar zinda raha toh uska double bank ka profit kar k De sakta but Mar gaya toh mera loss,Family ka loss,Parents ka loss,Bank ka loss,Full on loss
Q10: what do u think this china sea Issue?
Ans: gave the ans, (thanks Atharva for sharing those info)
Q11: in recent olympic games, name any 5 person who receveid gold medals, and for  which country they  played?
Q 12: so tell us about some news of our banks in recent times, and we know abt merger so we don’t want to hear that?
Answer: Answered
That was the  last question , they said all the best , do u have anything to ask us u can ask.
Thankfull to AC for that interview materials, DIs and mostly late night Prof’s reasing puzzles and STs Offcourse

THANK YOU for sharing your Interview Experience with us.

All the Best  :)