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SBI PO Interview Experience shared by Rahul Kashyap

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Hi friends! Our reader Rahul shared interview experience that he had during SBI PO Interview. You can learn from her experience and find a way for yourself as well in the upcoming days.


IBPS PO V Interview Experience

Date – 03/09/16
Time – 12:00 Noon

Reached at venue at 11:45, already Document verification was started, There was 10 candidates( 8 males + 2 females) , my Number was 10. I was given an undertaking form of caste certificate(as I have not caste certificate after April due to strike of Lekhpal) Then document verification went smoothly.. Now we were instructed to come in GD room.
There was two table was arranged with mike system so we all sat
according to number, Then two sirs came and gave their introduction, then told us rules of GD. They asked to introduce all candidates one by one, then they gave us
topic that was LINKING OF RIVERS CAN CAUSE IN-ECOLOGICAL DISASTERS, and gave 5 minutes to think on and jotting down points, I somewhat managed to write points.
Then they ordered to start speaking on topic, as one by one all candidates spoke theirs views, I tried 3 times to speak but some candidates did not let me speak, so I was silent then one girl sitting beside me said that friends candidate number 10 is waiting, all of you are not paying attention to listen her(thank God her, ) so I put my views, many were agreed on my points and then again end the topic with my views, so there was consensus between us, Sirs was looking satisfied, and then in second part of GD they gave us a paper in which quality of life partner were given which we had to prioritize and to tell the reason, points were:
Ability to mould in my family,
pleasing personality
Family background
economic status of family
Good looks

Then sir called my name and asked to tell my three priority then I told and everyone started discussion , now time is over we were brought to Personal Interview, In my opinion GD was very good for me, because many candidates praised my communication during discussion..
As my number was 10(last) one by one all candidates had gone now bell rang, I entered there was 4 male and one female

ME: may I come in please
M1:Yes come
Me: good evening Ma’m and sirs.
ALL:Good evening beta ,sit here.
Me:Thank you.
M1: You completed graduation in 2013, now its 2016 during this period
what have you done?
ME: only preparation sir.

M1: where is Barcelona ?
ME: in Europe sir. He said ohk but I want country name ohk leave tell where you have heard about Barcelona, I told many time I heard this name in football matches.

M1: Russia is in which continent meant exactly location?
Me: its located in Eurasia .

M1: Currency of Russian , I answered.
M1: who is railway minister? Answered.
M1: INTERNET service provider of WiFi at railway station? Answered.

M1:Latest which company signed?
Me: fb

M1: founder of fb?
Me: answered.

M1: at what occasion fb founder gave shares in charity?
Me: not able to recall, he said : birth of his daughter.

Mam: have you heard about Chetan Bhagat ?who is he?
Me: he is novelist from India.

Mam: name some novels of him.
Me : answered they she asked about other author I said sorry mam I am not able to recall.

M2: Kavaury river flows in which states, name them?
Me: sorry sir I don’t know except one and told.

Then asked about one more river of world but really I heard name first time so said don’t know.

Now M3: Latest Gold scheme that was launched on 2 September 2016,
Then they smiled looking me and said ohk Mr Rahul kashyap, you may leave now , thank you and best of luck!!
Me: Thank you so much all of you  and leave room.

My GD was very good but I am not satisfied with my PI as I hate static GK,, now dont know about results.

Remark: there was no language issues. speak in language in which you are comfortable . and GD is only way to know your communication and leading ability, it does not matter, your points are right or not,

THANK YOU Rahul for sharing your Interview Experience with us.

All the Best  :)