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SBI PO Interview Experience shared by Niranjani

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Hi friends! Our reader Niranjani shared interview experience that he had during SBI PO Interview. You can learn from her experience and find a way for yourself as well in the upcoming days.


IBPS PO V Interview Experience

Venue – Chennai
Date – 08/09/16
Time – 12:00 Noon

I reached there by 11.30 a.m and document verification started immediately. It went smoothly and by 12.30 it was over for all the candidates. Then they gave lunch coupons and after lunch by 1.30 p.m we were allotted numbers and sent to the GD room. One guy was there to guide us. There already 2 officials were there and we were asked to wear a tag representing our number and we were seated accordingly.
They made us feel comfortable and were very friendly. They gave us all the instructions and then came our topic.

GD Topic: Addiction to mobile phones is destroying youths
5 minutes was given for noting down the points and 20 minutes for discussion. Topic was easy and almost everyone actively participated in the discussion. They said that reaching a consensus is not mandatory for 1st round. After 1st round Prioritization started. They said that we must reach a consensus for this round.

Prioritization Topic: Traits of a professional academician

  • Learned
  • Knowledgeable
  • Open minded
  • Dedication
  • Specialist in the subject
  • Updated about latest news in his field
  • Sharing knowledge and information
  • Hardworking

Now we were able to have 1st 2 priorities as common for the group. Then time was over and we were sent to a waiting room for the interview.It was already 3.30 p.m by now.
I was the 1st to be called for the interview in my batch. I was called by 4.30 p.m. There were 5 members in the panel (4M+1F). I wished them and was asked to be seated. All the members were smiling and seemed friendly.

P1: What is your good name and qualification?
Me: Sir, I am Niranjani and I told them about my qualification

P1: When did you complete your engineering?
Me: 2014 sir

P1: Did you not get any job offer after graduating?
Me: I was selected in campus in a software concern but i was not keen on being a software professional. So I did not join sir (He smiled).

P1: So what were you doing after graduating?
Me: I started preparing for banking exams sir.

P2: Define banking
Me: Bank is a place where…(He interrupted)

P2: No no…don’t tell a place…tell me the definition
Me: A bank offers loan…(again interrupted)

P2: No that is the purpose…tell me the definition

P1: A bank is not a place it is an institution
Me: A bank is a financial institution which assists people financially by providing loans and making transactions easier.

P2: A bank is an institution which accepts people’s deposits and provides loan to the needy.
Me: ok sir

P2: What are the types of ownership?
Me: Public limited company, Private limited company and Proprietorship

P3: So you are from vellore. Tell me what is the most exported product from your place.
Me: Leather products are widely exported from place like Vaniyambadi, Ambur and Ranipet in vellore.

P3: What kind of products? 
Me: Leather bags, shoes, wallets, Belts, Jackets, etc sir

P3: Is killing of cow is permitted in India?
Me: No sir

P3: Then how can you get cow leather?
Me: Sir cow leather is mostly got from dead cows and they grow cows separately for leather

P3: Ok. Name the river into which effluent from leather industry is drained out
Me: Palar river sir

P3: Doesn’t it cause any damage?
Me: Sir now many effluent treatment plants are being set up in those areas

P3: What is an effluent treatment plant?
Me: It separates the toxic substances from the effluent and allows only non toxis substances to be drained into the river

P3: good

P4: So your hobby is reading books. Which is your favourite book?
Me: Harry potter series mam

P4: Who is the author of the series?
Me: J.K Rowling

P4: What is fiscal deficit?
Me: Total expenditure of a government exceeding the total revenue is called fiscal deficit

P5: Why are you wearing wrist watch on your right hand? Isn’t it common to wear it on your left hand?
Me: I have been wearing like this for many years sir. I feel comfortable this way

P5: There is a famous hospital in vellore. Do you know that?
Me: Yes sir, CMC Chrisrtian medical college and hospital

P5: Who is the founder of that hospital?
Me: Madam Ida scudder sir

P1: What is a poverty line?
Me: It is the line that categorizes people based on their income level sir

P1: OK you may leave. All the best
Me: Thank you sir

It took only 7-8 mins for my interview. Guys all the people there were friendly and was helping us to feel comfortable. So don’t be nervous and be yourself.

All the best for those who are yet to attend the interview :)

THANK YOU Niranjani for sharing your Interview Experience with us.

All the Best  :)