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Salesforce Global Digital Skills Index 2022: India Leads in Digital Skills Readiness

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Salesforce, a leading player in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), published the 2022 Global Digital Skills Index which highlights the growing global digital skills crisis and the need for action. India has scored 63 out of 100, leads the digital skills readiness and has the highest readiness index among the 19 countries.

The average global readiness score was 33 out of 100. 

About 2022 Global Digital Skills Index:

i.The 2022 Global Digital Skills Index, is based on a survey on around 23000 workers across 19 countries about digital skills, including their impact on the future of work, concerns about job readiness, and the significance of continuous learning. 

ii.Three major skills gaps identified in the 2022 global index are: The everyday skills gap, The generational skills gap, and The leadership and workforce skills gap. 

India on the 2022 index:

i.According to the new report, In India, 72% of the respondents are actively learning digital skills to prepare themselves for future work.

ii.Around 66% of respondents in India feel equipped with resources to learn digital skills.

54% of the respondents from India wants to learn new skills to support them to grow their current career(globally 51%). 

Key Points:

i.Around 73% of the respondents don’t feel equipped to learn digital skills and 76% of the respondents don’t feel equipped for the future.

ii.82% of the respondents are planning to learn new skills in the next 5 years, only 28% are actively involved in digital skills learning and training programs.

iii.The index stated that globally, younger respondents have greater confidence and ambition to learn new skills and one-third of Gen Z are very actively learning and training for skills needed over the next 5 years. 

iv.In India, baby boomers are leading, with 83% of respondents very actively learning and training for skills needed at present.

v.The impacts of the skill gap on the Gross domestic product (GDP): 

  • According to Salesforce’s RAND Europe Report, estimated that 14 G20 countries could miss out on USD 11.5 trillion cumulative GDP growth if the skills gap isn’t addressed. 
  • Around 65% of the respondents have rated themselves as ‘Beginners’ in Artificial Intelligence(AI) digital skills.