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Russia successfully test fires ‘Zircon’ Hypersonic Cruise Missile & Anti-Satellite Missile 

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Russia Successfully Test Fires Zircon Hypersonic MissileOn 18th November 2021, Russian Navy successfully test fired the ‘Zircon’ Hypersonic Cruise Missile from Frigate – Admiral Gorshkov warship, that rightly hit the test target placed in the Russian Arctic waters. Previously, Russia also successfully conducted similar tests using the ‘Zircon’ missile from the Nuclear Submarine – Severodvinsk in the Barents Sea.

Zircon Missile Capacity:

  • Targets – Capable of hitting targets in Land & Sea
  • Speed – 9 times the Speed of Sound
  • Range – 1,000 kilometres (620 miles)

i.The Missile will be commissioned by the Russian Navy in 2022, to most of its cruisers, frigates & submarines.It is one of the newest additions to the rustic’s arsenal of guns known as “invincible”.

Note – In 2014, Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine.

Russia destroys Satellite using ASAT system – ‘Nudol’

On 15th November, Russia destroyed its own satellite in low-earth orbit using an Anti-Satellite (ASAT) Missile named ‘Nudol’, which led to formation of a cloud of space debris that could potentially destroy other orbiting satellites & the International Space Station (ISS).This test is the first of its kind involving a direct-ascent ASAT missile by Russia against a live satellite target.

i. This is Russia’s 1st successful intercept of a satellite.

ii. The Satellite destroyed was a defunct Soviet satellite called Cosmos 1408, that hasn’t been operational since the 1980s.

  • Other Countries with ASAT Missiles – United States of America, China, India

Note – In 2019, India test fired its ASAT Missile system under ‘Mission Shakti’

iii. In 2007, China conducted a similar test & destroyed its own satellite, whose debris is still orbiting.

How does ASAT work?

The Missile that is designated to destroy the satellite will be placed in the projectile of the satellite, which approaches & hits the missile at a speed of around 27,000 km per hour

Recent Related News:

In February 2021, Russia launched ‘Arktika-M’, the 1st satellite to monitor climate change in the Arctic Region.

About Russia:

President – Vladimir Putin (Term – 6 years)
Capital – Moscow
Currency – Ruble / Rouble
Monuments – Catherine Palace (Saint Petersburg), Kremlin and Red Square(Moscow)